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Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a place like no other. You get transported to the land of Batuu. If you are looking to get a drink, Oga’s Cantina is the place to go. In this post, I will share with you the backstory of this hip, fun Cantina as well as my review about several of the drinks and the atmosphere.

Who is Oga?

Oga Garra who owns the Cantina is a female Blutopian. Oga is pretty strict and adheres to a strict code of conduct that tries to keep its unruly patrons in check. But with a history of being a smugglers’ safe haven and a popular stopping point for those seeking to avoid the authorities, you can bet that the cantina has a story or two to tell.

Instead of Disney taking us inside a place inside a Star Wars movie we already know, Disney took inside a place inspired by Star Wars and told us a new story. The cantina is inspired by a design was based on a Ralph McQuarrie sketch that depicted the interior of Jabba’s Palace.

What is it Like Inside Oga’s Cantina?

Oga’s Cantina is a fun place for all ages. There is a large bar area in the middle of the room with a bar table surrounding it. A few large booths can be found in a few areas on the outside. In between the booth areas and the bar area, there is a row of high cocktail tables. For the most part, it is standing room only.

It is loud in Oga’s. Between the music, and the number of people in the cantina it is quite loud. I could barely hear my husband when he talked to me.

Music is provided courtesy of RX-24, the former StarSpeeder 3000 pilot droid we first met in Star Tours, who has re-envisioned himself as the cantina’s DJ. As quirky and talkative as ever, he’s still trying to do his best on the job. The music played is fun and upbeat.

The Drinks at Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina has both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to choose from.

The Blue Bantha (non-alcoholic drink)

I tried one non-alcoholic drink that I was so excited about, The Blue Bantha. It is Blue Milk served chilled with Bantha-inspired Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookie. It looks cute and that is really all that I can say that is positive.

The cookie was a regular butter-sugar cookie, but not freshly made. It was odd to eat because it is a crunchy cookie with a hard chewy chocolate coconut/rice Krispie treat layer on top and a swirl of hardened frosting. It was crumbly and not that great.

Let’s talk about Blue Milk. What is Blue Milk? In the Star Wars universe, blue milk is made from the milk of giant, hairy female banthas. Disney’s version is a non-dairy drink is made using a blend of coconut and rice milk. If you are lactose intolerant, this is something you can order.

My review of Blue Milk. The people next to me ordered it and I decided to do the same about 5 minutes later. Their drink showed up earlier than mine and they disliked it so much they didn’t even finish the drink.

I thought well maybe that is just them. I like both coconut and rice milk since I am lactose intolerant. Nope, not just them! It was pasty, gritty tasting with a bit of sweetness.

I have heard people say that is reminded them of Fruit Loop milk. Yeah, I didn’t taste much sweetness at all. It is served soft-frozen similar to a milkshake. I have heard the Green milk has a different taste so I am excited to try that in a few weeks at the Passholder Preview.

T-16 Skyhopper

The T-16 Skyhopper was my favorite drink that I tasted at Oga’s Cantina. The Menu description reads that it includes Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bols Melon Liqueur, Kiwi, and Half and Half. It was creamy and has a little bit of a punch to it. My favorite part was the candied kiwi adorning the glass. I would order this again!

Fuzzy Tauntaun 

My husband ordered the Fuzzy TaunTaun which has Peach vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice with tangerine, pure cane sugar, and “buzzz” foam.

According to the Disney Food Blog, the buzz in the foam is due to a Szechuan flower said to contain a natural painkiller. Unlike my husband which didn’t care for the sensation, I thought it was pretty cool in a weird way.

The Outer Rim

The Outer Rim, my husband’s second drink, has Silver tequila, açaí liqueur, lime juice, pure cane sugar, black salt, and exotic fruit purée. This is pretty much the Cantina’s version of a margarita.

I loved this drink too. It is sweet and the puree is so tasty. I liked the black salt, but if you are weary of it, it is only on one side.

Final Thoughts on Oga’s Cantina

Overall, I think this place is awesome and I want to go again. I want to go again and try more of the drinks and drink in more of the atmosphere. The only negative I have other than the Blue Bantha is I felt rushed. That is a personal thing though as my server did not rush me.

We were given a 45-minute time limit, I am not sure if that was just for the preview or if that is something that Disney is going to implement so more people can experience it. I do not think we spent more than 30 minutes in the cantina, so 45 minutes is more than enough time.

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Tracy Shelly

Saturday 18th of July 2020

Thank you for your review -- Couple questions -- Any concerns with kids (teens) going in with us adults? Can you take your drinks to go in disposable cups? alcholic or NON?


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

I'm doing an AP preview in about a week and can't wait! I want to try the Outer Rim. Question for you - when you booked your reservation including Oga's and then arrived, did you have a particular time to go to the Cantina? How did that work?


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

Funny, you mentioned the time we had to go. We grabbed our card that said we had Cantina reservations and we were so excited to enter the land we didn't look too closely at the card. I guess there was a time on there but not much was said when we checked in other than that we were late. We wanted to do Smuggler's Run first since my husband is prone to motion sickness and didn't want to eat or drink first.