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My Experience as a Plus-Sized Princess at Walt Disney World

Going to a theme park can be a scary experience for a plus-sized person. Your biggest fear….walking out of the ride in the “walk of shame”.

Don’t fear Disney World! Disney World is very plus-sized friendly!

I am plus-sized or as the Disney community likes to say “Pooh-sized”. I also love going to Disney and don’t let my size stop me. I want to share with other plus-sized princesses or pooh-sized friends my experience being Plus Sized at Walt Disney World.

My Experience as a Plus-Sized Princess at Walt Disney World

The first thing you should know is that Disney is very accommodating to those who have more to love. I am going to share with you my size. I am a size 26. I carry most of my weight in my stomach), though when you are my size the extra fat is pretty distributed. I am also very tall. I stand 5’11”, almost 6 feet with shoes.

My experience with rides is that I fit in most comfortably. There are a few exceptions.  I do not fit on 7 Dwarfs Mine Train Ride of the new Flight of Passage ride in Pandora. 

Now during the hottest times of the year me and my husband get separate ride cars at the Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and Spaceship Earth. We like being close, but close can be gross when you are sweaty and sticky.

One thing to remember is to make yourself comfortable. Sometimes I can look at a ride and discreetly say to the Cast Member that I am riding alone (even if I am with a group) or that I prefer not to be seated directly next to someone else (in a theater for example). Most Cast Members are very happy to make your ride as magical as possible.

Exploring the Magic Kingdom as a Plus-Sized Princess

Philharmagic and Carousel of Progress have theater seats that are of decent size. Country Bear Jamboree, the Tiki Room, and the Jungle Cruise have bench seating.

7 Dwarfs Mine Train Ride – For the Mine Train, my bum fits in the seat with not much overage, but my thighs/knees couldn’t fit under the kneebar. I waited in the standby line for 45 minutes to discover I didn’t fit. I was heartbroken. The cast members were awesome though and gave me a free Fastpass for any ride. Now, that is not to say that you won’t fit. I have a friend the same size as me, but shorter and she is able to ride. My husband is a bigger man and 5′ 10″ and could fit, though it was tight.

Space Mountain – Single seats. They are really low so a little tough to get into if you have knee problems. I was able to use the seat ahead of me for leverage. Surprisingly, my legs were not cramped. I had lots of legroom and was not cramped in the ride.

Splash Moutain – Bench seat. My legs are pretty cramped in this one. I prefer riding alone but will ride with someone else if needed. My size is not a problem, no lap bar.

Big Thunder Mountain – Bench seat that seats two. There is a lap bar but it adjusts to you. Comfortable legroom.

Dumbo & Aladdin’s Magic Carpets – Both have a bench seat that can fit 2 people. There is a large extendable seatbelt. I find being plus size, it is more comfy with just myself and/or a child or smaller adult.

Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid – This ride has a bench seat with a bar that comes down. I have never had a problem with this ride.

Mad Tea Party – The Teacups have a small door that I enter sideways. This ride is fine for Pooh-sized people. My tummy plops over the spinner a bit but it doesn’t hamper my ability to turn the teacup at super-fast speeds.

Tomorrowland Speedway – Small car with bench. Seat belt holds 2 guests.

Exploring Epcot as a Plus-Sized Princess

Test Track – I am able to ride Test Track but needed my husband to help me with buckling my seat-belt especially since they load you quickly. People were giving me looks but, I paid Disney the same money they did, so they can just wait. There is a test seat located outside of the ride building.

Spaceship Earth – Bench type seat that seats 2. If you have longer legs ask for the back seat of the ride vehicle as there is more legroom.

Soarin’ – Single seat with seat belt. Pull the seatbelt out before seating and then buckle once seated.

Frozen Ever After – Bench seat, no lap bar. Legroom is decent, except in the first row.

Exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a Plus-Sized Princess

Finding Nemo the Musical, Festival of the Lion King, Rivers of Light, and the Bug’s Life Show are all bench seat shows.

Dinosaur – Nice size single seats that are in a row of 4. Extra-long seatbelt. Nice amount of leg room too!

Expedition Everest– They have a test seat outside of the ride. No problems fitting. Lap bar is similar to the Mine Train ride but wider.

Na’Vi River Ride – Bench seats with the most legroom of any Disney ride.

Avatar Flight of Passage – I did not fit on this ride. There is now a test vehicle outside of the ride for you to try.

Kali River Rapids – The seat belts aren’t huge. I had to buckle the seat belt around my thighs and then slide down for it to fit. They do not have seatbelt extenders on this ride.

Exploring Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a Plus-Sized Princess

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage and the Indiana Jones show both have bench seating. The Frozen Sing-Along, the theater at the Launch Bay,  and the Mermaid Show all have theater seats.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway – This ride is very comfortable for both plus-size and tall guests. Bench seat with a bar that lowers to the biggest person’s lap.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run – This ride is VERY comfortable. Single seats with no armrests, huge seatbelts, and lots of legroom even if you are the pilot. The Dejarik game table is plus-size friendly too for your photo opp.

Star Tours – Single seats in a long row. Lots of legroom. Pull the seatbelt out before you sit down and buckle once seated.

Toy Story Mania – Bench seat that sits 2. Shooting console is the “lap bar” that closes shut. No problems whatsoever. Plenty of legroom too!

Tower of Terror – Nice size seats. There are dividers between each seat. This ride uses a seat belt. Like with other seat belt rides, pull out the seat belt before seating and then sit and buckle.

Slinky Dog Dash – Lots of room for plus-size guests. The lap bar comes down and rests on the top of your, no annoying bar all the way down the side like Mine Train.

Alien Swirling Saucers – Both I and my plus-size husband fit comfortably on this ride in one ride car. It has a seat belt that extends quite a bit.

Exploring Disney is a Lot of Walking- Train for Disney!

When it comes to walking, I would recommend “training” for Disney World if you are not used to walking long distances. I wear my Fitbit and always get anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 steps per day while at Disney. Remember to take breaks when you can. What bothers me most is standing in lines. I deal with it, but have seriously thought about grabbing a Guest Assistance Card (GAC) to avoid it.

I make sure to eat a banana each day to prevent muscle cramps and I stay hydrated. You also need to wear really comfortable walking shoes that are broken in and support your weight. I also recommend Oofos (see my review of them HERE).

What to Wear to Disney World as a Plus-Sized Princess

I prevent chub rub/chaffing by wearing leggings or bicycle shorts under skirts and wearing comfortable shorts. Once home or at the hotel I apply some Gold Bond powder. I have heard people rave about Body Glide and tried it out during my 10k and it really helped. You can also use Vaseline or deodorant.

Disney doesn’t sell too many plus size clothes, especially at the parks. If you do find something you love, be sure to find a cast member to see if it comes in your size. It never hurts to ask. They always have more inventory in the back or will have you try the World of Disney Store at Disney Springs.

Overall, my experience as a Princess that is Plus Sized at Walt Disney World is pretty good. I am a princess and every cast member has made me feel that way. Please don’t let your weight prevent you from trying rides, new experiences, and adventures.

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If you are plus-sized what have you experienced during your Walt Disney World Vacation?

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Thank You for Spreading the Pixie Dust!


Monday 10th of October 2022

Thank you for this! Much Appreciated.


Sunday 18th of September 2022

Being a plus size woman (size 22/24) I was terrified of what I might find when we go to WDW. Then I came across your article and I can't say Thank you enough for putting my mind at ease. Of I know everyone's experiences are different but still, Thank you so much!! ❤️


Thursday 15th of September 2022

I just want to say Thank you sososososo much for the article and your honesty. I literally cried reading these and knowing I will be able to go on the rides. I had to take the walk of shame one time at six flags in dallas tx and it was the most embarassing thing i have been through. Going to our first disney trip on sunday and we are beyond excited.


Thursday 28th of July 2022

Thank you so much for this post, it alleviated a lot of the anxiety I was feeling about my disney trip. May I ask a question about the flight you may have taken to get to Florida? I'm not even sure if you did fly, but if you did, would you mind sharing your experience? I am also a size 26 and I booked a single seat and am very nervous about fitting. Thank you so much!


Saturday 23rd of July 2022

Love this. Thank you!!