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Ultimate Walt Disney World Packing List and Tips

Do you feel like you forget something every time you pack for a trip?

Get organized and ready for your Disney World vacation with my Ultimate Walt Disney World Packing List. I have included a printable version so you can check off the items as you pack them. I have also shared some Disney World packing tips. 

Disney World Packing List

Planning a Disney World vacation can be stressful as it is, packing for it should not be stressful. Here are some Disney World essentials that will make your vacation a breeze. Some of these items you may not think of but I have made part of my packing list for a while.

Disney Packing List- General


My rule of thumb for packing outfits for adults is one outfit per day and then two or three extra outfits. During the really hot summer months (May through September) I suggest packing 2 tops per day if you plan on going back to room midday. You will want on fresh non-sweaty clothing to change into. For children, pack 2 outfits per day.

Always bring extra socks. I always carry at least 2 pairs per day.


Disney World resort rooms do have limited toiletries in the room. They no longer have little travel size bottles and have switched to big bottles with pumps that are attached to the shower. Forgetting toiletries can be very expensive. In my printable packing list, I list some toiletry essentials and then have a few blank spots for you to put in your own items.

First Aid Supplies

While you are in the parks, you do not need a lot of first aid items since there are first aid stations. I still carry a small first aid kit in my Disney Park Bag. You will want some first aid items in your room to deal with simple accidents and traveling sickness.

  • Face Coverings – Due to the Covid-19 virus, Face coverings or face masks are required until further notice. For effective mask protection please pack enough masks for at least one mask per day, having more is better especially with younger children. Once your mask gets wet from water rides or sweat it is recommended that you change masks per my husband who is an EMT.
  • Stomach Aids – Pepto Bismal and Immodium and great things to pack in case someone gets sick while you are traveling. If you have kids, pack a Pedialyte just in case.
  • Sun Burn Relief – Sometimes even with sunblock sunburns happen, bring along some aloe.
  • Anti-Chaffing Aids – If you get chub rub, swamp butt, or whatever you may call it you will want some anti-chaffing aids to make your trip more enjoyable. I use Body Glide and love Gold Bond. I use it more places while at Disney World in the summer like under my bra straps and anywhere else sweat may crop up.
  • Dramamine – Dramamine works perfectly for motion sickness with caused by travel or by a ride.

Things to Pack for your Disney Resort Room

  • Clothespins – to close the room curtains
  • Powerstrip – for access to more outlets, even remodeled resort rooms do not have enough plugins for a technology-based family
  • PopUp Hamper – having one greatly helps keeps the room tidy
  • Window Clings – to decorate your resort room windows
  • White Noise Machine – to drown out late night noise
  • Plastic Silverware, Bowls, and Plates- for leftovers you bring back to the room and for any meals you plan on having in your room
  • Mousekeeping Tipping Envelopes
  • Trial Dishsoap – to clean resort mugs and/or reusable water bottles
  • Laundry Supplies – if you plan on doing laundry while at Disney

Things to Pack for Heat Sensitive People

Personally, I am very sensitive to heat. Other than my tips for dealing with the heat at Disney World, I suggest packing the following items.

  • Wide Brimmed Hat – Not having the sun shining directly in my face helps a bit.
  • Cooling Towel – Cooling towels really do work.
  • Misting Fan – The ones Disney sells are expensive. I found a cheaper one that works just as good.
  • Sunglasses
  • UV Umbrella – During shows and parades this type of umbrella has helped tremendously with the heat.

Disney World Packing Tips

Label Everything. Make sure everything is labeled with your name, phone number, and hotel(s). Make sure every bag has a tag on it, even your Disney Daypack and purses. I suggest Mabel’s Labels Bag TagsThey offer free shipping on all of their orders, have cute options, plus their prices are reasonable!

Let the kids help. Helping pack will help build their excitement!

Use Ziploc Bags. Put planned outfits into Ziploc bags. This will keep your Disney mornings stress-free.

Toiletry Bottles Protection. Prevent a messy situation with your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and other liquid bottles by opening up the lid, placing some plastic wrap at the top, and then replacing the lid. For extra protection, I also stick toiletries in a plastic grocery bag. Also, make sure bottles with pumps have been locked down and then put a piece of tape to secure it.

Pack an Empty Bag. If you plan on bringing back lots of souvenirs, pack an extra bag to bring them home in. If you are flying you can have Disney ship them home for you!

Print 2 Packing Lists. Print a second copy of your packing list so that you can check off things as you pack them to go home.

Disney Packing List Printable

The Printable Disney Packing list includes general items, items for families, items for couples, a Disney Park Bag Packing list, and a carryon packing list. I have also included a black page so you can add your own items!

If you are looking for a packing list you can customize, please check out my Disney Planner Packing List Bundle which includes an editable PDF version of the basic packing list in addition to a carry-on packing list, beach day list, and park bag checklist.

Walt Disney World Prohibited Items

I have shared so many items that I believe will help you during your Disney Vacation. Disney World does have a few items they would like for you to leave home. Most of these items are for safety reasons.

  • Selfie Sticks
  • Weapons of any kind, and toy weapons
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Wagons
  • Costumes, if over the of 14

What is one item you never forget when traveling to Walt Disney World?

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Originally published July 13th, 2016.

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