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Disney World Stroller Tips and Hacks

Using a stroller at Disney is essential for countless families. In this post, I’ll unveil invaluable Disney World stroller tips and hacks. From renting the perfect stroller to navigating Disney’s regulations, and uncovering ingenious hacks, you’ll soon find yourself embracing the magic of stroller convenience at Disney like never before.

Disney World is huge and adults can physically train for the insane amount of walking that is done at Disney, most small children can’t handle that amount of walking.

Disney World Strollers

First, let’s talk about Disney World Strollers. You can rent a stroller from Disney World but it is not the best choice, especially for guests staying on Disney property.

Disney Strollers are hard and plastic, and while they’re cute, they often lack adequate storage for diaper bags and other park necessities.

Renting a stroller from your hotel isn’t an option, meaning you’ll have to wait until you’re inside the park before securing one. The journey from your room to transportation, waiting for it, and then repeating the process back to the resort can be exhausting. Often, a parent finds themselves carrying a sleeping child back to the room. However, bringing your own stroller or renting one can provide much-needed comfort for your little one to rest in.

How much do Disney World Strollers cost? Disney World strollers are $15/day for a single stroller and $31/day for a double stroller. If you are renting for more than one day then you can get the multiday rate $13/day for single, and $27/day for a double. The length of stay rental requires prepayment of the full amount and then upon reentry to the park you just show your receipt.

If you want to rent a Disney stroller at Disney Springs then you will also be required to pay a $100 credit card deposit. This is to be returned within 3-5 business days or per your bank’s timeframe.

Disney World Stroller Policy

In May 2019 Disney World started a new stroller policy that excludes very large strollers and wagons. The new rules are as follows:

Strollers should be no larger than 31” (79 cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long when measured across the widest and longest points.

Disney World Website

To figure out if your stroller meets regulations, measure from the handlebars to the longest point.

Disney also banned the use of Keenz Wagons. You can still use them on Disney property, just not inside the parks. You can still have one if they are required for medical purposes.

Using a Stroller as a Wheelchair

As a general rule, guests cannot bring the stroller into queue lines. If you are using a stroller as a wheelchair because of a disability, you can go to Guest Services and they will give you a tag to put on your stroller so that you can take your stroller into lines.

Benefits of Renting a Stroller from an Outside Company

Many people rent strollers from companies outside of Disney World. It is an easy process and saves park time for the park rather than standing in the long stroller line first thing. Here at Pixie Dusted Journeys, we recommend Kingdom Strollers. They have excellent customer service and are a family-run company. Kingdom Strollers is also a favorite on the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel Forum.

Disney requires their resort guests to meet with the delivery driver for stroller delivery or you have the option to pick up and return the stroller rental from the Orlando International Airport. The pickup and return counter is located in Terminal A, Level 1.

Your Kid’s Comfort

Disney Strollers are hard plastic and not very comfortable at all. Many people use strollers for naptime and it is hard for kids to get comfy in those hard seats. You also lose out on having a snack tray which is super helpful at mealtimes.

Leave Your Stroller at Home

If you have an expensive stroller leave it home. You will not be with your stroller all day and there are occasional reports of people stealing strollers, especially expensive ones.

Renting a stroller with the added insurance protects you from theft, destruction, or accidental damage. The stroller rental company will just simply bring you another stroller and your vacation will continue on with no problems.

Renting a stroller will also mean you won’t need to fly with your stroller. Sometimes that can cost extra money or cause extra stress at the airport.

Have the Stroller Delivered to Your Room

Having the stroller at the resort is so helpful! Sometimes the walk to the buses, boats, monorail, or Skyliner can be quite a hike. Having a stroller makes happier kids and happier parents.

More Options

Having options is always a plus. Many stroller companies offer rentals and you can always find the stroller variety you are most comfortable with.

Disney World Stroller Tips & Hacks

Get to Know Your Stroller

If you are renting a stroller from an outside company, get to know the stroller. Practice folding and unfolding it. You are required to fold up strollers on certain boats, all buses, and for the trams. You will want to be able to do this quickly. Practice maneuvering it around, learning how to control your stroller in a crowded park is not optimal.

Make Your Stroller Stand Out

While you can take your stroller all over each Disney park there are many attractions and buildings that you can’t take your stroller in. Outside of these locations, there will be stroller parking. During the time that you are in the attractions, Cast Members may FIFO (first in, first out) your strollers. Cast Members move your strollers for better guest flow.

Considering the vast number of strollers, it is very easy to lose your stroller in the mass if you don’t make it stand out. Here are some ways to make your stroller stand out in the crowd.

  • Use Balloons. I wouldn’t use balloons sold by the parks but people do. Venture to Walmart or the Dollar Tree and grab some balloons to attach to your stroller.
  • Tie Bandanas, Ribbons, or Flags to the Handles. Use bright colors and make it really stand out.
  • Use Lights. This is especially helpful at night. Buy some battery operated lights to attach to the stroller.
  • Use Signs. Each rental company will have their own hanging sign, even Disney will. Having one that is just yours will be more unique. Design your own or find one on Etsy that you like.

Add a Fan

Disney sells a cute Mickey Mouse attachable fan but of course, it is overpriced. Buy one ahead of time to save money. It gets so hot at Disney and little ones will like the extra breeze.

Add a Rain Cover

In the middle of the rainy season (May-October) I would place the cover on if you are parking it somewhere in the afternoon as storms come and go quickly.

Attach a Shoe Organizer to the Back

I have seen so many people use it to store resort mugs or water bottles. It is a great Disney hack for a large family! The Dollar Tree usually has some of these in stock.

Protect Your Valuables

Take valuables with you any time you leave your stroller. There is typically no one assigned to watch your stroller and even if there was they don’t know if it is your stroller someone else is getting something from.

Bringing your stuff with you into an attraction or restaurant also means that if you come out and someone has accidentally taken your stroller, you still have your stuff. 

Keep Food Containers Closed

Birds and squirrels at Disney World can be a little aggressive when it comes to food since people feed them even though signs say not to. If your child is snacking on popcorn, crackers, etc make sure the food item is kept in a plastic food container when you leave the item in the stroller. Squirrels look at a stroller parking lot as a buffet.

Practice Common Courtesy

Some guests use their stroller as a battering ram pushing people aside hurting ankles in the process. Stroller or not, Disney requires patience and courtesy for everyone as we all enjoy the parks.

I admit that I have gotten distracted and not watched where I was going when seeing the castle or a random character popping out. It is easy to do. Consider the stroller a vehicle and those around you pedestrians. Just like on the road, sometimes pedestrians do silly things like suddenly swerve in front of you or stop unexpectedly, and there is only so much you can do to avoid a collision. If it happens apologize and move on.

Be hyper-aware of your surroundings as you don’t want to endanger your child and others around you. Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Carabiner Clip

Baskets in strollers can get full and if your purchase items you don’t want to be sent to your room then a carabiner clip will hold those bags. A carabiner will also hold water bottles, mister fans, resort mugs, popcorn buckets, etc. The bigger the better when it comes to carabiner clips!

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