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Disney World Pet Peeves | 7 Things Not to Do at Disney

Disney is filled with magical moments and great entertainment. Rarely does a Cast Member create a bad taste in my mouth; rude guests do. As an annual passholder, I consider Disney World parks my home. Please show my home some respect. Here are my Disney World Pet Peeves.

Disney World Pet Peeves

Usually, my posts about Disney World are very positive, so this post is a little bit out of character. When you go to Disney World you are joining thousands of others and common courtesy for others seems to have disappeared lately. I share these tips so you don’t become “one of those people” and so that everyone can enjoy their vacation.

Litter Bugs

People who litter all over the Disney parks annoy me. There is a trash can about every 30 feet so you are never far from somewhere to throw your trash out. Disney Cast Members do an excellent job making sure the cans are never overflowing. Trash all over is so saddening after watching the Happily Ever After fireworks. You have to be careful where to step because guests leave whole trays of food and garbage everywhere.

Animal Feeders

There are signs all over that say Do Not Feed the Birds. Disney World is not being mean when they post that warning. It is for the animal’s safety and yours. Ducks, birds, and squirrels are so used to being fed by people that they are beginning to steal food from stores, strollers, and even children’s hands.

Not only are the animals being more courageous when approaching humans, but animals health is also being affected because rather than getting needed nutrients from natural food they are filling up on fries and Mickey pretzels.

Traffic Stoppers

Remember the thousands of people that are joining you in Disney World? They all have somewhere to go, a dinner reservation, a Fastpass timeslot, or meeting family or friends. While the walkways are wide they are only so wide. If you need to check the park map, take a picture, or anything else please step to the side.

It takes just a second to step to the side. This is especially important at night during high traffic times like after fireworks. Cast Members are trying to get the walkways moving and stopping disrupts the traffic flow.

Flash Photographers

I grabbed this picture off of Pixabay. This picture was taken with flash as there is way more light than really intended for this scene.

You are free to take pictures on rides. If it is a dark ride please avoid using flash. It blinds those in surrounding cars and ruins the ride experience for others. If the ride was supposed to have that much light, Disney would have put more light in the ride. It is dark for a reason.

Parade Bumping

Want an awesome seat for the Festival of Fantasy parade, like a sitting on the curb seat? Do some advance planning and get there early (30-40 minutes is early enough during nonpeak times, an hour or so during peak times). I can’t tell you how many times I have been bumped from my parade spot because someone planted themselves in front of my front-row seat. When a Cast Member comes by to have everyone go back a bit for the safety of the performers the person in front of me now has my spot. I have seen adults do this in front of children as well. As Stephanie Tanner would say, “How Rude”!

Shoulder Seat Providers

Unlike Wishes, the Happily Ever After fireworks show requires you to have a view of the castle to really enjoy it since there are so many projections that go along with the show.

The other day I was in the castle hub section and I was behind a family and surrounded by people. I had a great view. As soon as the show started the guy in front of me lifts his kid on his shoulders. My view then became his kid’s butt. Thankfully, I was able to scoot over a tiny bit to see the castle. This tends to happen for any type of show or parade in the parks. If you want to provide a shoulder seat for your child, please stand somewhere where there are no people behind you.

Phone/Tablet High Holders

Similar to shoulder seat providers, phone high holders block the view of shows from those behind them. If I wanted to watch the show from behind a screen I would stay home. Record and take pictures all you want, just make sure to keep your phone or tablet at your face level.

Final Thoughts about My Disney World Pet Peeves

I am sure there are other things that get on my nerves while at Disney, but these are the main things. One thing you cannot forget to pack for your trip to Disney are your manners, Common courtesy for those around you and the Cast Members making the day as magical as they can make your trip go so much smoother.

The heat and crowds tend to lower our tolerance level for things not going our way. Just take a second, remember that you are on a magical Disney vacation. Breathe deeply. get a drink (alcoholic if you wish), and like Elsa would say, “Let it Go”.

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So, what are some of your Walt Disney World pet peeves? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank You for Spreading the Pixie Dust!


Tuesday 31st of May 2022

In regards to phones on dark rides, I’d like to add, you waited in line 30 minutes (or more) for this ride, why spend it looking at your phone? On Haunted Mansion the mood was broken for my family when we entered Madam Leota’s room and across from us was a different woman’s face wearing mouse ears illuminated by her phone. Perhaps trying to make her next genie + reservation?

Also, there’s something worse than feeding animals like birds, encouraging your children to chase them around. Why would any parent think it’s a good idea to have your kids terrorize local wildlife?

I did witness one gratifying instant karma moment when a father encouraged his kid to swing her balloons while spinning in circles and she promptly smacked him in the face with the weights at the end of the string. I just wish the birds had pooped on the other family.

I found it helpful to do unto others as they do unto me at the fireworks, someone stepped directly in front of me, as in her ponytail nearly smacked me in the face every time she turned her head she was so close, so I simply stepped in front of her equally close... she moved. Another person held her phone up above her head and to her right, directly in front of my line of sight, not taking pictures, but video recording. I patiently waited a couple minutes to see if she would stop, she did not. I stepped up alongside her and stuck my larger camera in front of her face to take multiple photos. She took the hint and lowered her phone in front of herself. Her husband however had to be told to put his arms down so people on either side could see more than his two elbows sticking out.

Definitely don’t be THAT person


Monday 5th of July 2021

You hit the nail on the head. Especially when it comes to staking out a good spot for fireworks or parades, just to have an inconsiderate goober ruin it all.


Thursday 12th of December 2019

My biggest pet peeve is the walkway blocking. If you hear someone muttering under her breath "DON'T STOP IN THE WALKWAY!" at WDW, it's probably me! My other big one is people who use the volume on their phone/tablet/etc. Earbuds, people. Earbuds. Get your kids headphones if you let them watch a show or play a game with the sound on.


Sunday 4th of August 2019

What annoys me is at ticketed events, (e.g. mnsshp) people wear huge hats and refuse to remove them during parades. We had someone not only push in front of us, but refuse to take their hats off despite us asking politely for them to remove them. Maybe cast members should intervene?


Sunday 28th of July 2019

These are all spot on! We have had people..ADULTS jump in front of us for shows and parades at the last minute and during. It’s amazes me . Last trip we had an entire family butt in front of us while laughing for Mary Poppins. All at the Moms direction. Completely amazed me they teach their kids 5his behavior is acceptable. Cast member and character just shook their heads.