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Ultimate Guide to Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is my favorite Disney World water park and is a great place for families to beat the Florida heat together. This Blizzard Beach Guide will let you know about all the attractions and my tips and tricks for enjoying a day at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. 

Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a 66-acre themed water recreation attraction — inspired by the mythology of a snow ski resort that didn’t exactly find a suitable climate in Florida! The park is located in the Animal Kingdom Resort area between Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Disney’s All-Star Resorts at Buena Vista Drive/Osceola Parkway intersection. Blizzard Beach opened April 1, 1995.

If you are driving, parking is free. If you let Disney do the driving then you can utilize the free to use Disney busses. You can also take Minnie Vans to the water park. The Bus stops are very close to the entrance to the park. 

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Blizzard Beach Attractions

Mt. Gushmore:  The snow-capped, 90-foot-high peak that is the park’s visual centerpiece, on top of which sits the platform “launch pad” for the park’s most-talked-about attraction, Summit Plummet.

Summit Plummet:  Thirty feet above the peak of Mt. Gushmore is the platform for a thrill ride that sends the daring on a high-speed adventure down a 350-foot slide.  At 120 feet high and up to 55 mph, it is one of the world’s fastest free-fall water slides.

Downhill Double Dipper:  Side-by-side racing water slides that begin 50 feet high on the slopes of Mt. Gushmore and plunge riders along a hilly 200-foot-long course at up to 25 miles per hour.

Slush Gusher:  A double-humped water slide that drops guests through a snow-banked mountain gully from a start 90 feet up Mt. Gushmore (next to Summit Plummet).

Teamboat Springs:  The world’s longest family white-water raft ride takes six-passenger rafts down a twisting, 1,200-foot series of rushing waterfalls. This ride is fun! They do put 5-6 passengers in each boat so you will be paired with other people if your party is under 6. Once you are done, there is a photo opp at the end. 

Toboggan Racers:  An eight-lane water slide that sends guests racing over exhilarating dips as they descend on a 250-foot course along the “snowy” slope.

Snow Stormers:  Three flumes descending from the top of the mountain and following a switchback course through ski-type slalom gates.

Runoff Rapids:  An inner tube run where guests can careen down three different twisting, turning flumes — one in the dark.

Chair Lift:  Wooden-bench chair lifts sporting colorful overhead umbrellas and snow skis on their underside, converted from ski-resort to beach-resort use, carry guests over the craggy face of Mt. Gushmore, from its base at the beach to its summit.

Tike’s Peak:  A kid-size version of Blizzard Beach for children ages 2 to 5 (under four feet tall), including scaled-down elements of Mt. Gushmore.  In addition, this area features a snow-castle fountain play area.

Melt-Away Bay:  One-acre pool at the base of Mt. Gushmore and fed by “melting snow” waterfalls. This is a wave pool and I prefer this type of wave pool personally over Typhoon Lagoon’s pool. The waves here are bobbing and calm.

Cross Country Creek:  A lazy river circling the entire park, carrying floating guests through a bone-chilling ice cave.  Once inside the mysterious cave, guests will be splashed with the “melting” ice from overhead.

Ski Patrol Training Camp:  Designed for pre-teens with a T-bar drop, crinkle slide and a challenging ice-flow walk along slippery, floating icebergs.  Cool Runners is the camp’s twin inner tube slide.


Lottawatta Lodge – This is the main quick service at the park. Get a lotta grub at this alpine chalet—beef or chicken rice bowls, Blizzard Cheddar burgers, chicken strips, wraps, salads and more—while chilling out with an Olaf Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade or a Piña CoLAVA. They also offer vegetarian and vegan meal options.

The Blizzard Cheddar Burger is really good. It has ham jam on it, which is kind of like a pile of caramelized ham. Then it is topped with cheddar. 

One thing I want to try is the chocolate covered Key Lime Pie, it looks so good! 

Blizzard Cheddar Burger

Polar Pub & Frostbite Freddies – A full-service beach bar located at Melt-Away Bay.

Avalunch – Specialty hot dogs served with chips and a few other options.

Warming Hut- Small hut with some tasty options like the Barbecue Turkey Leg Crunch and the Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich. They also offer loaded tots here. 

I.C. Expeditions – The place to get ice cream at Blizzard Beach. A place to get frozen treats. This is where you can get the Famous Sand Pail Ice Cream. The treat is served in a Sand Pail, and it contains  Chocolate and Vanilla Soft-serve Ice Cream, Waffle Pieces, Sprinkles, Cookie Pieces, Hot Fudge, Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream and a Cherry. 


Beach Haus Shop – The Beach Haus is the largest gift shop in Blizzard Beach. You will find everything you need for the day such as phone pouches, towels, goggles, swim shoes, beach toys, and more. 

Snowless Joe’s & Shade Shack – Two small little open-air shops with sandals and sunglasses. 

Blizzard Beach Amenities

Picnic Areas – There are plenty of areas to have a picnic. Unlike the regular Disney Parks you are allowed larger coolers inside of the park so you can pack a full picnic to save money.

Locker Rooms – There are lockers rooms with restrooms, changing stalls, and showers available for all guests

Blizzard Beach Tips

  1. Get there early to get a shaded lounge chair. 
  2. Stay hydrated. Even though you are in the water, you can still get dehydrated. Remember Disney has free ice water. 
  3. Bring towels even if they are just ones from your hotel room. 
  4. Bring toiletries for the showers, they only have hand soap in the showers. 
  5. Blizzard Beach is a one day park. 
  6. While you can purchase tickets at the park, the line to buy tickets is usually long even on a slow day. Purchase tickets ahead of time. 
  7. Please wear shoes at all times. Florida pavement gets HOT!! I suggest water shoes. While the water park does have little sprayers for the sidewalks they don’t cover every inch. 

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Friday 17th of May 2019

I've never been to Blizzard Beach, but it looks like fun! What a neat idea for a water park theme!


Friday 17th of May 2019

I’ve never done one of the water parks at Disney, but I’ve always wanted to. We somehow have trouble making time for just the pools! I teach, so we go in the summer. Sometimes it’s even too hot to swim. But we need to take a morning and try a water park.


Friday 17th of May 2019

This is definitely on our bucket list! I’m so overwhelmed by it all but articles like this really help!