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Disney World Water Park Tips

Spending a day at a Disney World Water Park is a great way to add variety to your vacation and beat the heat from running around the parks all the time. Here are my best Disney World Water Park Tips, including the best way to save money on tickets and tips for plus-size guests. 

Disney World Water Park Tips

Walt Disney World has two water parks to choose from Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.  During the peak summer season, both water parks are open. In the off-season (mainly December through February), one of the parks closes for refurbishment, while the other park remains open. This makes it where there is always a Disney Water park to go to.

Disney Water Parks will close if the weather is too cold, which honestly only happens a few times a year. The water is heated and is nice to swim in year round.

Both of the water parks you can get to easily by driving or utilizing Disney busses.

How to Have a Magical Water Park Day

The Early Bird Gets the Lounge Chair. While there are shaded Cabanas you can rent, there are quite a few shaded lounge chair areas for you to camp out at. The earlier in the day you get there, the better your chance of grabbing a shaded chair or a chair close to the main wave pool.

Ride the Popular Rides Early and Late. The water parks get real busy in the afternoon. You will have lower wait times for the popular attractions at each park if you get to the park early and tackle those first.

Meet Disney Characters. Yes, there are characters at Disney water parks! Check the MDE app for who will be around. I was so excited to see Kristoff one day!! 

Stay Hydrated.  Even though you may not feel hot and thirsty because you are in the water, you can still get dehydrated. Just like the parks, there is free ice water and also drinking fountains for you to get water from.

Things to Pack for the Water Park

Water Shoes or Non-Slip Flip Flops. Though Disney tries to keep the sidewalks cool with sprayers throughout the walkways, many parts are still dry and the pavement can get VERY HOT. I picked up both water shoes and flip flips at Walmart but if you are trying to buy in off-season they can be difficult to find at regular brick and mortar stores. These water shoes on Amazon are inexpensive, have great reviews, and come in lots of fun colors and designs.

Waterproof phone case. You will want to capture all your fun memories at the park, including character greetings, and not worry about your phone getting wet. Disney sells them but of course, they are crazy expensive. This waterproof universal phone case on Amazon is inexpensive and has great reviews. I tend to stick my credit card in there so I don’t have to rent a locker to keep valuables in. Everything else I leave in my car or in my resort room.

Sunscreen. Wear sunscreen and reapply as often as your sunscreen advises. The water reflects the sun which makes it a tad stronger. Use your phone to set a timer for when it is time to reapply.

Money Saving Disney World Water Park Tips

Disney Water Park Discount Tickets. While you can purchase 1-day Blizzard Beach water park ticket, the most economical option for most families is the Disney Park Hopper with Plus Ticket. This allows you to visit all four Disney theme parks and two water parks during your visit! A one day water park ticket is $65 during the summer (current pricing as of this posting). Let’s say you are going to Disney for 5 days. A 5-day park hopper is $470 per person. Adding the Park Hopper Plus option is just $495. So just $25 dollars more per person.

If you are not wanting to park hop then it would be cheaper just to buy the one day tickets. Since a 5-day ticket is just $395 per person. Then it would just be $65 more per person.

Remember, you can also buy discounted Disney Gift cards at Costco and Sam’s Club to purchase your water park tickets saving you even more money.

Parking is Free. Unlike the parks, parking at the water parks is completely free. This is great news if you are off property! Getting there early gets you a better parking spot.

Bring Your Own Towels. These do not have to be towels from home. If you are staying at a resort, bring those. The Disney Water parks do not provide free towels for guests.

All-Day Refillable Mug. For just $11.99 you can get a refillable mug at Blizzard Beach. Considering one drink is just $3.29, this is a great value to keep you hydrated if you want more than water.

Disney Water Park Tips for Plus-sized Guests

  • The locker room changing areas and showers are spacious and offer lots of privacy.

  • Unlike some other water parks, there are no weight limits for the majority of the rides at Blizzard Beach. There is a weight limit for the chair lift but it is not advertised much and I had no idea about it until I started researching it. No one ever said anything to me and my husband once boarded.
  • Feel free to wear whatever swimsuit you want. Bikini, one-piece, or even feel free to cover up with a t-shirt. More than likely you will never see these people again and I really haven’t experienced anyone saying or looking at me for my clothing choices, including my Little Mermaid bikini from Torrid

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