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20 Ways to Earn Extra Money for a Disney Vacation

Disney vacations can get pretty pricey even when doing Disney on a Budget. You can still have the dream Disney vacation without breaking the bank by earning money creatively. Think outside of the paycheck to achieve the Disney vacation of your dreams. Here are some ways to earn extra money for a Disney vacation that I love to do.

20+ Ways to Earn Extra Money for a Disney Vacation

Garage Sales. Clean out your house and have an old-fashioned yard sale.

Sell items Online. Whatever doesn’t see during your yard sale you can sell on VarageSale or Facebook selling groups for your area. I love VarageSale because there tends to be less Facebook drama on there.

Deep Clean your house. Do you know how much money I have found cleaning the house thoroughly? Tons! Money is left in jackets, in the couch, under the bed, and in so many other places. Deep clean your house and find money or find more things to sell.

Ibotta. Ibotta is one of my favorite rebate apps. You simply do a few tasks per item listed and then upload your receipt via the app and you get money back. I love this app especially because it has so many fresh and unbranded items you can get rebates for such as eggs, milk, fresh produce, and other everyday items.

Checkout 51.  Checkout 51 is a great grocery shopping rebate app. Just upload your receipt and see you account ad up!

Berry Cart. Organic and healthy grocery shopping rebate app. Grab the app here

Saving Star. SavingStar is a Coupon app that takes your savings and collects them in an account. Once you hit $10 you can cash out. Many popular items on the list usually. Doesn’t take much time to acquire money.

Take on a side jobs like lawn mowing, house cleaning, or babysitting. Sometimes my husband drives for Lyft or Uber. Little bits add up.

Sell things to a consignment store. You generally get a higher price for nicer items at a consignment store, rather than at a yard sale.

Sell your photos online.

Shop with Ebates. Ebates is a shopping rebate site, that earns you money back for shopping you already do.

Join Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an online site where you can earn gift cards. You do basic things like using their search engine, watching videos, and taking surveys.

Shop with Splender. Splender is a shopping rebate site similar to Ebates.

Tutor, give lessons. If you have a special talent or can help children by tutoring this will help add money to your Disney vacation fund.


Collect Scrap Metal. My husband and I do this and then turn it in. They give you so much per pound and the amount given changes often.

Collect cans. If you live in a state that gives refunds for cans, those nickels or dimes add up. Try collecting cans and bottles you didn’t buy by asking friends, family, and coworkers to save their bottles for you.

Donate Plasma. Donating plasma helps others and yourself.

Fuel Perks. Save on gas and put the amount you saved in your Disney savings account.

Save those Pennies. Pennies add up.

Slash your grocery budget by couponing. Put saved money towards Disney.

Offer a service on Fiverr. People offer some unique and quick services on Fiverr. Find something you see others doing and do them yourself.

What is your favorite way to earn extra money for your Disney vacation?

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Artistic gecko

Wednesday 29th of March 2023

Thanks! Great advice! I’m trying to raise money to take a friend to Disney and it is a LOT of work.