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Magic Kingdom’s 45th Anniversary and 101 Dalmatians Disneybounding

Walt Disney World (more specifically the Magic Kingdom) celebrated its’ 45th Anniversary on October 1st. I was there (though I didn’t get the “I was There” pin). It was so nice. Since it was also 10/1, my Darlin’ friends decided it would be a good day to show off our 101 Dalmatian pride. Spots were everywhere! I had so much fun! Here are some of my photos from the day.

The Special Castle Show for the 45th Anniversary, you can see they had a snag lowering the 45th sign 🙂
Ready to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade!
Doing the Hot Dog Dance with Mickey!

I went on Splash Mountain for the first time ever, I am such a baby when it comes to rides with drops in them. Then later in the day I went on it again with my D3 Darlin Friends. I had such a blast!

Us puppies made puppy paws, I love my Darlin’ Friends so much! We always have so much fun!

Since I hadn’t been to the Magic Kingdom for a while, I had not seen Elena’s welcome show yet, I love her dress!

I finished my day with a yummy dinner at Casey’s Corner! Right as we ordered it started to downpour, so after we ate we made our way home. It was an amazing (but very hot) 12 hours at the Magic Kingdom!

Thank You for Spreading the Pixie Dust!