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Tips and Hacks for your Next Beach Trip

If you are vacationing at Walt Disney World you are about 2 hours away from either coast, so planning out a day for a beach trip is super easy. Here are my best tips and hacks for your next beach trip.

Daytona Beach, just 2 hours from Disney World

Tips and Hacks for your Next Beach Trip

Making memories with family and friends at the beach can be a fabulous way to spend the summer season. The beach can bring high-quality relaxation with some much-needed sunshine after a long week of work. While having a beach trip can be amazingly fun as well as relaxing, if you’re not fully prepared for this trip it can be disastrous.

Bring the Bug Spray

This is probably the most forgotten item when packing for a beach trip. We don’t tend to think about the bugs as we’re heading out to enjoy the sparkling water and warm sandy beach.

Get a Sand-Free Beach Bag

The sand from your breach trip will get into everything. It’s best to bring along a mesh tote bag for your belongings to go home in, one shake and the sand is all gone.

Pack Lunches Separate

This is an especially helpful beach trip hack when you’re going to the beach with kids. If one sandwich falls into the sand, you’ll have others available that are sand free, ready to serve.

Use Frozen Water Bottles as Ice Packs

Even in the Florida heat, frozen water bottles in a cooler stay colder longer than a small ice pack. Plus, when they melt you get a cool, refreshing drink.

Wear Water Shoes

While in the water on your beach trip, you should wear water shoes or flip-flops. This will minimize your chances of getting cut on sharp rocks or debris left by other beachgoers. Also, the sand on Florida beaches in the summer gets very, very hot. When I was stung by a sting ray a few years ago, my sting would have been a lot worse had I not been wearing my water shoes. You can find a budget-friendly pair of water shoes at Walmart for around $5.

Learn the Sting Ray Shuffle

In water as shallow as 10 or 12 inches, stingrays hide by burying themselves under a thin layer of sand, trying to remain unnoticed. The best way to make sure stingrays steer clear of your feet is to slide your feet along the sand instead of taking big steps. The shuffling sends vibrations that scare away stingrays in the immediate area.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

Put some leave-in conditioner in your hair before your beach trip. This will make sure your hair doesn’t get as damaged from the sun’s harmful UV rays or the salt in the water if at an ocean.

Bring Trash Bags

Bring along something that you can take the trash back out of the beach with you in. Most beaches require you to carry in and carry out of your own trash.

Use a Timer to Reapply Sunscreen

You can still get a tan with sunscreen on, so don’t worry about that. Sunscreen is necessary for everyone to be protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunscreen usually has to be reapplied every 80-90 minutes especially while you are in the water. Use your phone as a timer for reapplying.

Skip the Blankets/Towels

Instead of using a blanket, towel or sheet to lie on during your beach trip, use a yoga mat. This is by far more comfortable than a blanket, towel or sheet tossed down on that rough sandy beach.

Create a Sponge Cooler

Cut little pieces of a sponge up, thread it into a necklace. Bring to the beach so that when your kids are getting hot during your beach day, they can wet the necklace and cool off fast.

Bring the Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners are really good for covering your drinks and catching drips from popsicles while having your beach day. Be sure to bring a package along with you in your beach bag.

There you have it, tips and hacks for your next beach day. Each of these tips and hacks should surely allow you to enjoy every beach trip you have this summer vacation.

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