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Oh Biscuit Melbourne, FL | Biscuit and Cinnamon Roll Heaven

When I look for a bite to eat when traveling, small diners and dives call out to me. During a recent out to Melbourne, Florida I found a great diner called Oh, Biscuit! Oh Biscuit in Melbourne, Florida is a must-do for breakfast! I am going to share with you my Oh Biscuit review, the menu, and something fun to see once you are done with your breakfast.

Oh Biscuit Review

My husband and I started our morning off by watching the sunrise at Canova Beach. Melbourne is about 2 hours from Disney World. Canova Beach is a dog-friendly beach and we brought our Chihuahua, Nala, with us. She seemed to like the water, but the waves spooked her a bit.

We almost missed finding Oh Biscuit because it is a small place without much advertising, it seems like all the best places are like that.

After the beautiful sunrise, we were hungry. We found Oh Biscuit via Bring Fido is a great site that shares dog-friendly hotels, things to do, and restaurants wherever you are traveling. My Nala was warmly welcomed with love and a nice bowl of cold water.

While there is some seating inside, the outside seating area is dog-friendly and very well shaded. The temperature was over 80 degrees but I was very comfortable eating outside. You order inside and they bring your food out to you. The inside also had some character, but the thing my husband liked best was seeing the homemade cinnamon rolls.

I could tell Oh Biscuit is a local favorite because during our breakfast several locals came and picked up their breakfast.

The menu is sort of small, but all the flavors are HUGE. When you do things great you don’t need a million items on the menu. I ordered the Cinnamon Roll French Toast with Bacon. The cinnamon rolls are made from scratch each morning. You can order just the cinnamon roll by itself which I saw quite a few people do or you can take it a step further like me and have french toast made out of it. It was so good! I used just a touch of syrup because there was enough sweetness in the toast itself. The bacon was thick and cooked to perfection, not too crisp, and not flabby!

I also wanted to try a biscuit, I mean how could you not since they have biscuits in their name. I ordered it with their gravy. Can I say that I wished I didn’t order the biscuit with gravy? The biscuit stands alone and I felt the gravy overpowered and weighed down the fluffiness and sweetness. The gravy was good but nothing to write home about. They do have just the biscuit on the menu with a little bit of local honey and I think I would have preferred that.

My husband ordered the Tuna and Grits plate. This is grilled raw Ahi Tuna, parmesan grits, and grilled tomatoes. My husband said everything was amazing. The tomatoes have garlic and yummy seasoning throughout and are cooked perfectly. The grits were flavorful and the spices were good. I could tell he really liked the grits because usually he adds lots of butter and sugar to them and he did not do that at all to these. He also really enjoyed the tuna and had an order of biscuits and gravy.

The food here is so good!

Oh Biscuit Menu

One thing I loved about this place was the small menu and the small prices. This is a very budget-friendly place to eat.

Fun Street Art

Right across the street is some very fun street art, featuring Homer Simpson, Felix the Cat, Spongebob, and others. I made sure to grab some shots to add my Instagram.

If you are in Melbourne or traveling on A1A, take the 10-minute detour to check out Oh Biscuit. I hope you enjoyed my Oh Biscuit Review.

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