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10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation

Believe it or not, it is possible to have an unmagical Disney vacation. Disney is filled with magic, some people completely miss out on it though. Reasons abound as to why the magic is missed, but you can help make your trip more magical. Here are 10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation.

10 Tips for a Magical Disney Vacation

Be kind to others, especially Cast Members. Cast members have the power to create magical moments if they wish. I have heard so many stories about the magical moments they help create whether it is a longer character interaction or a free ice cream for a teary child. The thing is though, you need to be kind. Don’t demand magic be done for you. Be kind to the Cast Members and they are more inclined to share the magic with you.

Don’t over-schedule your day. Tired and cranky adults and children have a hard time appreciating all the magic there is. I have been guilty of this myself. Running from attraction to attraction all day long makes you miss magical moments. It also makes you tired and not able to appreciate the magic you do see.

Notice the little stuff Disney does. Disney crams details into every nook and cranny. Take a moment to smell the smells of Main Street, admire the Cast Members’ costumes, find Hidden Mickeys, and so much more.

Take care of your health. If you leave Disney sunburnt, dehydrated, or sick you won’t remember all the magic. You will remember the aftermath more. Use sunblock. drink plenty of water, take breaks in air-conditioned areas, and relax more. Make it a vacation, rather than a ride marathon.

Don’t spend money you don’t have. Financial stress makes life miserable. why do you need that stress at Disney? If you can, don’t use credit to pay for your vacation. Set budgets and stick to them. Bring snacks, rather than paying for overpriced ones at Disney. Nothing tastes as good as a debt-free snack!

Don’t expect to do everything you planned. It would be great to live at Disney and experience every ride, show, and magical moment. Even as a passholder, I haven’t experienced everything (or even close). Things happen: characters take a break, rides break down, transportation fails, and even our own plans fail. I have a bucket list for a reason. Hopefully, one day you will make it back to Walt Disney World to experience more, if not savor the moments and rides you did get to experience.

Make a Parade or Fireworks show a Must-Do on at least one of your park days. There is nothing like a Disney parade or fireworks, They are just magical! 

Take pictures. Stop by the Photopass photographers and let them take wonderful pictures of you. I take my own pictures as well, but I treasure the ones that include my whole bunch. Plus, the magic shots are awesome!

Expect lines and crowds. Sadly, there really isn’t much downtime now in the parks. There will be lines and very crowded areas when you go. Have a plan of what to do in lines. Another tip is to hang back a little bit after fireworks and parades. Lots of people rush out at those times and you can kind of feel like cattle being moved out of the park.

 Smile and in the words of Elsa, “Let it Go”. In the end, it is your responsibility on whether or not you have a good day at Disney or not. Cast members have bad days, you will run into rude guests, and off days. Smile and remember that magic is what you make of it. I mean, just the sight of the castle and Main Street makes me smile.

So, what tips for a Magical Disney Vacation can you share? Let me know in the comments!

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Pat J

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

We love looking for the hidden Mickey's!


Thursday 26th of May 2016

I would love to someday give my kids a Magical Disney vacation.

My Unsettling Life

Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Oh I love disney, I could go back there every year and loose myself and be sooo happy! It's a shame I can't afford it.

Things Sarah Loves

Tuesday 24th of May 2016

I LOVE DISNEY! It's so magical! Definitely agree with your tips - you need do look after yourself by stating hydrated etc to really appreciate the magic.


Monday 23rd of May 2016

I want to go to Disney so bad one day. Most of these tips are great for any vacation especially the "don't spend money you don't have" and the "take pictures"