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Guide to Toy Story Land | Attractions, Dining, Tips

Hollywood Studios has transitioned from the magic of movie-making to the magic of immersing yourself in a movie. Toy Story Land immerses you directly into Toy Story. This new 11-acre land shrinks everyone to the size of a toy and allows us to explore the fun and adventure of Andy’s backyard. Here is my ultimate guide to Toy Story Land; plus-size friendliness, attractions, dining, shopping, trivia, and of course some Instagram-famous Disney Walls.

Toy Story Land opened on June 30th, 2018.

Guide to Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land has some new and exciting rides and areas for guests to enjoy. The theming in this land is amazing! Everywhere you look, you see how much thought was put into everything. Popsicle stick benches, the “cardboard” walls, even the grass! If you are toy-size, the grass is tall. The grass at Toy Story Land is a taller type of grass.

Toy Story Land Attractions

Toy Story Mania. The very popular Toy Story Mania ride is getting a third track. This is going to help greatly with ride wait times. In this popular attraction, you get to score points by seeing how good of a shooter you are. This ride is 3d and requires 3d glasses.

Ride Tips: Since this ride is a Tier 1 Fastpass+ along with the other 2 Toy Story Land attractions, I wouldn’t make this FP a priority. If you do have to wait in the queue, most of it is inside and there are lots of cute photo ops along the way.

Slinky Dog Dash. Slinky Dog Dash is a family-friendly coaster which will send riders dipping, dodging and dashing around turns and drops that Andy has created to stretch Slinky and his coils to the max. This ride IS super fun! I am also happy to report that this ride is PLUS-SIZE friendly!! I am a size 26/28 and I had no problems with the ride. There is more legroom for taller people, unlike the Mine Train ride. The ride is a mix between Big Thunder Mountain and Mine Train. It is a very smooth ride. You start off and do one big drop (not straight down though, more curved like Big Thunder Mountain) and then a few more curves then Slinky Dog comes to a stop and goes backward as it gears up to shoot you a bit faster forward. You sped up another big drop and ride some small little humps. I really enjoyed this ride during my preview as I rode 5x in a row!

At the end of the coaster before you disembark you get sung to by Wheezy, a perfect end to a great ride!

Ride Tips. Try to make this your Tier 1 Fastpass selection. The ride queue area is shaded and there are several fans if you are not able to secure a FP though. There is a ride photo shortly after the second big drop. Try to ride this at night, it is awesome!!!

Alien Swirling Saucers. This Pizza Planet toy playset is loaded with aliens circling about in their flying saucers pulling along rocket ships full of guests. The music, lighting, and sound effects add to the flurry of activity, while “The Claw” looms over. This ride is nothing like I thought it was going to be, it is 10x better, While the ride cars circle around you are also being whipped side to side. The movement sort of reminds me of the movement on the Primeval Whirl without the roller coaster part. This ride is plus-size friendly as well, both I and my plus-size husband fit in the ride vehicle comfortably.

Ride Tips. While this ride will be busy for the first few years, I still would not make Alien Swirling Saucers your Tier 1 FP pick. The queue line for this ride is shaded and has fans around. Because of the lighting with this ride, riding it at night is a must-do! Even on the second day of opening times rarely got longer than one hour.

Psst. There is an A113 hidden in the queue of this ride!

Hollywood Studios FastPass+ Tier Changes to Adjust for New Toy Story Rides

Since Toy Story Land is bound to be very popular for a while Disney has changed what rides are in what tiers for Hollywood Studios. You are able to choose one Tier 1 attraction with your first 3 Fastpasses. Your other choices must be from Tier 2. After you use all your first 3 Fastpasses you may book another in either tier. Tier  1 rides are rarely available in the afternoon though so waiting for at least 2 of the new Toy Story Rides will be part of your day.

Tier 1 Attractions

  • Alien Swirling Saucers
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Toy Story Mania

Tier 2 attractions, of which you’ll be able to select two, will include:

  • Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage
  • Disney Junior Live on Stage!
  • Fantasmic!
  • For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
  • Muppet*Vision 3D
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
  • Star Tours
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Toy Story Dining – Woody’s Lunch Box

The land’s Woody’s Lunch Box will be a new quick-service restaurant that will offer up tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats to Toy Story Land guests. Disney is partnering with Babybel cheese at Woody’s Lunch Box.

Here is the menu. Find the full menu HERE.

  • S’more French Toast breakfast sandwich.  Oozy goodness in a chocolate ganache- and marshmallow-stuffed French toast topped with graham cracker crumbles. Inspired by the classic American campfire treat.
  • Grilled three-cheese sandwich. To ensure a soft gooey middle, Disney chefs created a sharp cheddar cream cheese spread, layered in provolone and cheddar and wrapped the sandwich in garlic butter-grilled French bread.
  • BBQ brisket melt. With a nod to cowboy Woody, this Texas-style smoked brisket features cheddar, Monterey Jack, pickles, BBQ sauce and garlic butter-grilled sourdough.
  • Totchos. Bite-sized potato barrels, corn chips, chili and queso. ‘Nuf said. 
  • Lunch box tarts. A modern interpretation of a breakfast toaster pastry as a hand-held dessert, these feature a uniquely delicate crust. Layer in high-quality ingredients for fillings, add a decorative garnish, and these tasty tarts beat anything mom packed. Choice of Raspberry Lunch Box Tart garnished with Icing and Dried Fruit and Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart garnished with Icing and Caramelized Bacon
  • Smoked turkey, tomato, and lettuce on multigrain bread. The quintessential lunch box sandwich. To give it a kick of flavor, Disney chefs add a creamy Dijonnaise.
  • Banana Split Yogurt Parfait. Layers of banana-vanilla Greek yogurt (with a hint of honey), fresh bananas, strawberries, and pineapple topped with granola and chocolate chips. A delicious way to start the day!

Also on the menu for lunch is a Monte Cristo. Woody’s version of this classic sandwich has layers of ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, and raspberry jam…and is grilled to a golden brown. Kids’ offerings include grilled cheese sandwich or turkey sandwich, both with potato barrels and mandarin oranges. Sides include tomato basil soup, vegetable macaroni salad, potato barrels and Mini Babybel snack cheese, the official snack cheese of Walt Disney World Resort.

In addition to fountain drinks and refreshing lemonade, beverage offerings include a classic Barq’s root beer float and a Mystic Portal Punch (Powerade Mountain Berry Blast with flavors of lemon-lime and tangerine). For the big kids, there’s a Grown Up’s Lemonade with cherry vodka, Odwalla Lemonade, and black cherry purée.

Toy Story Land Shopping

Toy Story Land does not have a regular gift shop. I think doing that would have thrown off the theming of it being Andy’s backyard. There are 2 merchandise “carts” inside of the land. For more Toy Merchandise head to the gift shop next to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid entrance.

Toy Story Land Instagram Famous Walls

We have the Purple Wall in the Magic Kingdom and the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot. Disney World did not neglect to add some super cute walls in Toy Story Land! Not only have I shared some of the cute walls, I am also sharing some of the other fun photo opportunities inside Toy Story Land. Top pictures are taken with my dSLR, bottom pictures are my cell phone so the lightings are different.

The Checkboard Wall – This wall is located on the exit path from Toy Story Midway Mania.

The Popsicle Stick Wall – This wall is located on the exit path from Toy Story Midway Mania.

K’Nex Box Wall- This wall is also located on the exit path from Toy Story Midway Mania. 

Luxo Ball (The Pixar Ball) – Though not a wall this is already a very popular Instagram shot to get in your journey through Andy’s backyard. My picture with me in it didn’t come out right because I didn’t take it until night time. 

Woody at the Entrance to Toy Story Land –  There is a Photopass photographer at this spot to take your picture under Woody at the entrance to his backyard. Woody talks and welcomes you to his backyard!

Toy Story Land Trivia

Here are some fun facts about Toy Story Land!

  • More than 400 toy blocks fill Andy’s backyard.
  • In Toy Story Land, Andy’s footprint is about 25 feet long or the equivalent of a size 240 shoe.
  • It would take a Green Army Man roughly 12 steps just to travel the length of one of Andy’s shoeprints. 
  • You would need a backpack the size of a school bus to carry the Buzz and Woody figures that tower over Toy Story Land.
  • The weight of the Slinky Dog Dash track and support columns weighs almost as much as 125,000 gallons of milk.
  • Together Rex and the Jenga Tower are as tall as 7½ Green Army Men standing on top of one another.

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Thank You for Spreading the Pixie Dust!

Deb Silhan

Wednesday 25th of July 2018

Great tips!!So much useful information! Oh my, I cannot wait to experience Toy Story Land!!


Saturday 7th of July 2018

Serious question ! I was so sad when the took the build your own potato head part out of Disney springs . I heard a rumor that it might appear in the new toy story Land ? I am obsessed with potatoe heads


Sunday 8th of July 2018

Oddly, other than the few carts there is not a true Toy Story Land gift shop. I did see that rumor as well (it started in the Disney Moms Panel). Sadly, it did not come true :(