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Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is filled with so many rides, shows, characters, and attractions that you may not know where to begin. These are my top 10 Magic Kingdom rides to make sure you do on your Disney vacation.

Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides

My criteria for for choosing these rides are the awesomeness of the ride and/or it is a classic ride you must do to really say you did Disney. It is pretty much impossible to do every ride at the Magic Kingdom if you are there for just one day, especially if you also watch shows, parades, and meet characters. Concentrate on these rides. These are not listed in any particular order.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Climb aboard your own ship as you fly over and around the story of Disney’s Peter Pan. This ride is very popular and using a Fastpass is the best way to experience it. If you don’t happen to have a Fastpass, there is an interactive queue that makes the wait bearable. It is a very short ride but one I enjoy a lot.

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is a runaway train ride you want to catch! This roller coaster is a fun, wild ride through the wilderness. The wait times can be long so trying to score a Fastpass is a good idea. Sometimes it can be found as a 4th Fastpass. This coaster is not the smoothest but is super fun. The back of the coaster gives you the most thrills.

Haunted Mansion

Climb into a Doom Buggy and take a ride through a Haunted Mansion. Starting at the interactive queue you will find so many details that make this attraction a Disney cult classic. Check out everything outside, grave markers, the pavement (you may find a wedding ring), and the horseless carriage.

Once inside you come to the dead center of a room and get introduced to the mansion. The experience does tend to make some small children scared, but not all.

Once you escape that room you are led to another room to board a Doom Buggy and then tour the Haunted Mansion. Look everywhere as Disney added so much detail to everything in this ride. I have ridden over 100 times and still find myself seeing something new each time I ride.

Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin

Join Buzz Lightyear in the fight against Emperor Zurg. This is a fun, interactive gaming ride. You have a laser gun in which you aim for the Z’s along the ride. You complete with your seatmate. There is a way to get a perfect score which is 999,999. I haven’t become a Galactic Hero yet, but I am sure trying.

This ride is a popular attraction and you can usually get a Fastpass for this ride after you use your first 3 Fastpasses.


You have to take a ride on this classic attraction. Fly on Dumbo’s back in this high flying attraction.

In my opinion, a Fastpass is not needed on this ride. Even on really busy days, the wait is not horrible. Most of the wait is in air conditioning and there is an indoor playplace.

It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World is such an iconic Disney ride. Climb aboard a boat while you travel the world being serenaded by cute dolls dressed in clothes from countries around the world. The song may be stuck in your head for the rest of the day but it is worth it.

Usually, a Lightning Lane is not needed but can be found as a 4th or 5th Genie+ choice later in the day.

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a must-do ride. Climb into a log and follow the story or B’rer Rabbit and learn about the Laughing Place. This ride, especially in the summer needs a Fastpass unless you rope drop it. You will get wet on this ride.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This Magic Kingdom attraction is quite popular and requires a Fastpass if you want to avoid very long waits. The queue once you get inside is very interactive and fun.

You board a mine train car and travel the diamond mines. My husband loves this ride. One of the things I talk about on this blog is the plus-size friendliness of rides. This ride is plus-size friendly if you are a shorter in stature. I am 5’11” and that combined with my size 26 waist I personally can’t enjoy this ride. If you want to know more about plus-size friendliness of the Disney World, please check out this post. I discuss almost every ride and its’ comfort level.

Space Mountain

A roller coaster ride in the dark, yes please! This super fun roller coaster is a must do. The wait time can get very long for this ride, so having a Fastpass is a good way to go on this ride. The coaster while fun is not the smoothest roller coaster around.

Jungle Cruise

While not a thrill ride the Jungle Cruise is a classic Disney ride. You go on a fun ride through the “jungle” while your Cast Member Skipper guides you with some pun-filled jokes.

During the holiday season, this ride transforms into the Jingle Cruise with a Christmas overlay. If you want to lengthen your Jungle Cruise experience, have lunch or dinner at the Skipper’s Canteen.

There are so many rides at the Magic Kingdom that picking the top 10 was pretty hard. I also think you should plan on going on the Mad Tea Party, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Little Mermaid.

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Post originally posted July 29, 2015.

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Thursday 27th of August 2015

The laugh floor is one of my favorite things we usually go see it at least 5 times in the few days we're in that park

Messy Mom

Wednesday 29th of July 2015

My kids are getting just seeing the pictures! Such a great list even if you are just wanting to escape some of those lines!