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Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser Review

The Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser is an adventure you have never experienced before. I was invited by Disney to experience the Star Cruiser. This is my Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser Review and as always with my writing, the opinions are my own.

First, I want to mention that prior to this experience I was a Star Wars fan but not a total Star Wars geek. I know the main characters and the general premise of the movies. I wanted to mention this for those who think this experience is just for those who dress up for ComicCon or are like the guys on Big Bang Theory. It is not. So, you may be asking what is this experience?

This experience is similar to a create-your-own-adventure activity mixed with a little escape room experience. The Galactic Star Cruiser experience is like a theatrical play where you are also an actor and make an impact on the way the plot comes out.

While this experience is not for everyone, it is a lifetime memory for those who love these types of games. It is not for those who are wanting a super relaxing, sit-by-the-pool experience. It is not for those who are super shy or who just want to spectate. I mean you could do just that, but if you play that way you really don’t get the value of the experience.

What I Loved about the Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser Experience

The Cast Members. The Cast Members, “the cast” of the actual play are amazing! Every Cast Member is part of the experience and the relationships you form help you along your journey. I loved when they remembered my name or stayed true to something we asked them.

One example that comes to mind is when we asked our Lightsaber trainer to join us for dinner since she was so excited about the entertainment. She was giving us sneak peeks into the first dining room time so we could see the entertainment, and we knew she was excited. A couple of hours later was our dining time and halfway through our meal, the trainer showed up. It was such a nice way to see how personal the cast gets with the passengers. There were many more examples during our cruise, that is one of the many.

The Lightsaber Training. The Lightsaber training was really cool! You learned different moves with both the lightsaber and the shield. You practice times and then get to do a really fun activity near the end of the lesson that pulls all the individual skills together. I also liked how the activity had parts where you had to work together.

The Bridge Training. I enjoyed the Bridge training a lot. Bridge training is like playing old-school video games but on a real-life scale. There are different stations and you learn each one. The cool part about this activity is that you may need to use it for part of your journey/story. I had to use my skills to help with the final outcome and it gave me a sense of purpose knowing I was doing something that helped my cause.

The Batuu Excursion. While I have been to Galaxy’s Edge, Batuu many times as a day guest of Hollywood Studios. Going to Galaxy’s Edge during the Galactic Starcruiser experience took the land to a whole other level. Before I was a spectator or playing a role for a few minutes. This time around I had a purpose and several missions to do around Galaxy’s Edge. It was more than riding the rides. I had to find things and scan them to my datapad “phone”. The activities furthered my story.

One example that blew my mind was I had made a deal with someone who lived above Ronto Roasters. They were willing to help me but I had to do something for them. They wanted the machine to stop making noise. I had to solve a puzzle on the datapad and once I did the machine stopped — right at that second–!!! Pure Disney Magic!

The Individual Journey. I went on the Galactic Starcruiser with my friends at Favorite Grampy Travels. There were 4 of us. While we did a dine together and had the trainings together, the rest of the time we didn’t always see each other. My journey was different than anyone else’s. While families can choose to stay together and answer the same way on their datapad, you can also have very different experiences.

The Dining. Dining was out of this world, especially the meals in the evenings. The food is space themed but it is still regular food. The food is just presented differently. I am not an adventurous eater and I liked it a lot. I am not a huge seafood lover and when everyone else got shrimp I had some delicious chicken.

What I Didn’t Like About the Experience

There wasn’t much I really didn’t like. Disney did a great job making this experience enjoyable.

The Duration of the Experience. The experience needs to be a day longer at least. I felt as soon as I really got into the play it was time to go.

Not Knowing Certain Things Beforehand. I wish I would have known the main characters aboard the ship ahead of time. If you are my client and want to book this experience I will give you a heads-up on the main characters without spoiling the experience at all for you.

Is Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Worth It?

Oh my gosh, yes! If you are outgoing, like games, and take part in group activities this experience is totally worth the cost. The Cast Members are not just serving you, they are putting on a show that you happen to get a guest role on. I can’t wait to do this again and take my husband along. Each time you do this experience, it can be different depending on which path you choose.

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