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Disney Magic Rainforest Room Experience

The Senses Spa on the Disney Cruise Line has a bookable experience called the Rainforest Room. The Rainforest Room is a dedicated area of different types of saunas, showers, and heated stone beds. My Rainforest Room experience was not as expected. I was able to experience the Rainforest Room on my Magic Cruise recently and want to share my review.

What is the Rainforest Room?

The Rainforest Room on the Disney Cruise Line is run by the Senses Spa which is a 3rd party from Disney. In the Rainforest Room, you will find a variety of saunas, showers, and warm stone beds. On the Dream and Fantasy, there are also 2 small hot tubs.

One steam room is a Mild Steam room and the other is labeled as an Aromatic steam room.

The three different shower options were the rain shower, tropical thunder, and cold fog.

You can experience the Rainforest room with a one-time pass or a cruise long pass. You can also choose to add some essential oil scrubs to your package.

My Plus-Size Experience with the Rainforest Room

Covering plus-size travel is something that is important to me. My size should not deter me from experiencing life to its’ fullest. I am going to live my best life! I was so excited to go on this cruise and really wanted to experience the spa, especially the Rainforest Room. As any plus-size gal, I tried to do some research on this experience before I budgeted the money for it.

I did read on a couple of different online forums and Facebook groups that a plus-sized robe would be available for my use upon request.

Upon embarkation, the first thing I did was to go and purchase the cruise length Rainforest Room pass with the 3 scrubs. I was so excited to have this special, relaxing option during my cruise.

The first night of the cruise was filled with lots of fun so I couldn’t make the Rainforest Room and the I never made it there 2nd day either.

On the 3rd day, I finally made it to the Senses spa to experience the rainforest room. I went to the front desk and checked in. They handed me a robe and I inquired about a plus-size/larger robe and the woman quickly opened the bin and said nope. I felt so dismissed. She just handed me a towel and said I could use it to cover the difference. I do want to say that I am a larger plus-size woman a size 28, if you are size 22 and lower the robe probably is just fine. I was more put off by the woman’s attitude toward me than the actual robe.

Next, she took me to the locker room. Tried to find me a locker and failed to find a locker that worked. She then left. I had no idea where the Rainforest Room was! I put on the robe and wandered around trying to find the room. Finally found someone and asked them and they showed me where the room was.

The room was very serene. There is a beautiful water feature in the center with peaceful, zen music. On the right-hand side, there is fruit-infused water to drink. You will want to start your time in the room with a nice drink or 2, especially if you are planning on using the sauna rooms.

After my getting hydrated, I decided to try out the showers. I did not smell any type of aromatherapy. The showers were nice, One was cold and a bit powerful, one was a little warmer with a rain showerhead and one was a cold mist. I know cold showers are very good for your heart and health so I did like that one best, even though it took a minute or two to get used to the chilled temperature. The showers are roomy for plus-sized guests and they are tall. I was not anywhere near the ceiling and I am 5’11”.

Next, I went into the aromatic sauna. Now that did a have a nice relaxing aroma. It was a dry sauna that had a hose inside where you could add moisture or cool yourself. I did not spend too much time in that room, maybe 10 minutes.

Finally, I got to experience the best part of Disney Magic’s Rainforest Room, the heated stone beds! These beds are worth the cost of the pass (which is, in my opinion, a good value). You lay on the bed and the heat radiates throughout your body and everything just feels awesome afterward. The beds are plus friendly. I had more than enough room and did not feel like I was falling off.

During my visit to the Rainforest room, I was alone but if others are around there are privacy curtains. I probably could have stayed forever laying on that bed. It was so relaxing! I just closed my eyes, listened to the calming music, and let my body just release all its’ stress.

I ended up not being offered the scrubs since the service from the staff was not the greatest and asked for a refund. Since this experience is not totally staff dependent like a massage or pedicure, the lack of friendly service will not deter me from enjoying this room again.

Overall, I did enjoy the Rainforest room and would do it again but I would bring my own robe. It is worth the price. I wish I would have taken advantage of the room more.

Disney Magic Rainforest Room Tips

Which Times are Best to Visit the Rainforest Room? Days at sea are the busiest. The first day is not busy but you have a of guests familiarizing themselves with the ship so you tend to get interrupted more often. Between 6 and 10 is ideal since many people are dining or watching the shows.

No Hot Tub. On the Disney Magic, the room does not have a pretty view or a hot tub like some of the other Disney cruise ships. If you are looking to use a hot tub, there are 2 in the adult pool area right outside of the Senses Spa.

If You Are Plus-Sized Bring Your Own Robe. You can buy a white spa robe from Amazon. I will be doing this on my next cruise.

Make Sure to Carve Out Time to Visit. I got so wrapped up in all the other cruise activities that I did not use the room as much as I would have liked. Even if I would have just scheduled an hour each day I would have gotten the value out of my pass.

Have you been to the Rainforest Room aboard the Disney Cruise Line? What did you think of the experience? Let me know in the comments.

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Sunday 15th of January 2023

all this information and you dont even have the pricing SMH


Sunday 15th of January 2023

Hi Tim, pricing is dependent on the cruise ship and the length of the cruise. You can get a daily pass as well. The average cost is about $40 per day but that is not exact.


Monday 12th of September 2022

I am going on a cruise in October and have been debating the Rainforest Room day pass for one of the days when my husband and kids will be swimming with dolphins. Do you remember how expensive this experience was?