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Datz – Tampa Bay

When Datz invited me to participate in their National Cheat Day Campaign, I jumped at the chance to promote and try Datz, a Tampa Bay Restaurant for Foodies in exchange for a gift card. I discovered there are many reasons to love Datz. These opinions are my own, but I am sure you will agree with me.

If you love comfort food that is elevated to the next level Datz is the place to be! Don’t believe me? The Travel Channel and Good Morning America agree with me. Tampa Bay has so many amazing dining options and Datz is a long-standing favorite.  I want to share with some reasons to love Datz and some tips for your visit to this great place!

Reasons to Love Datz

If you are wondering, yes, Datz is worth a trip to Tampa if you are vacationing or live in Orlando. Even though I did not partake, Datz has a great selection of brews and drinks! 

Barry’s C’s Stuffed Meatloaf – This is not your average meatloaf. This is meatloaf adds in another wonderful comfort food, mac-n-cheese. Check out this video from the Travel Channel to see how this is made!

The Double D – My husband got this crazy good burger. It is two 6 oz patties, Swiss and American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. This awesome burger combo is served on 2 whole glazed DOUGHNUTS!! My husband loved it. He said the sweet and savory melded perfectly together. The burger comes with house-made chips with a blue cheese drizzle and green onions. 

The Cheesy Todd – Another crazy, awesome burger at Datz is the Cheesy Todd. This burger was featured on Good Morning America. This burger has mac-n-cheese buns! Watch the Good Morning America Clip below to see how it is made!

Other Amazing Food Options – Datz has more than crazy burgers and meatloaf. My party enjoyed the Nom Noms which are yummy fresh baked pretzels with a bacon cheese fondue. The pretzels were so good, crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The cheese sauce had a lot of flavor; my husband liked it so much that he grabbed a spoon and finished off the sauce once the pretzels were gone. We weren’t in a sweet mood, but the funnel fries sound amazing. I will be getting those next time! 

My husband also tried the French Onion Soup. He said it is one of the best ones he has ever tasted. 

I enjoyed the Dumb Cluck which is a PBR beer-braised pulled chicken barbecue sandwich covered in white cheddar cheese and served on a sweet sourdough bun. My meal also came with homemade chips with a blue cheese drizzle and green onions. My sandwich was good, but not amazing. I wish I would have chosen something more adventurous.

 The other person in my party enjoyed the Kentucky Colonel Bowl. The dish was fried chicken breast strips over garlic mascarpone mashed potatoes, bacon confetti corn, and melted cheddar jack. It is topped with chicken gravy and bacon crumbles. This dish had a great flavor combo and was very well executed. We all tasted each others’ food and I could have eaten a whole gallon of those potatoes, lol!  

Great, Friendly Service – Our server was awesome! I like when the server becomes a friend. We chatted as she shared about the yummy options at Datz. We also had a common love for Walt Disney World, and that never hurts, lol. Our drink glasses were never empty and she got us everything we needed for our meal.

Fun, Hip Atmosphere – Though the restaurant serves great comfort food, this Tampa Bay foodie icon won’t remind you of your Grandma’s house. Datz is 2 stories and also offers some outside seating.

Affordable Prices – This was my first time to Datz and I like looking at the menu before I go. I got kind of freaked out by the menu having no prices. Usually, places who omit prices are expensive. Datz is VERY affordable. I would compare the prices to Chili’s or Applebees.

Datz Dough – My family was stuffed from our brunch and decided to skip dessert. Next time I go, I will go for teh express purpose of fulfilling a sweets craving. You walk into Datz Dough (the bakery next door) and the smell overtakes you. It smells so good! They make homemade donuts and ice cream. I sampled the hot cocoa ice cream and it is fantastic. The donuts are HUGE.

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Datz Address: 2616 S MACDILL AVE. TAMPA, FL 33629 | 813-831-7000

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