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Must-Do Character Meet & Greets at EPCOT 2022

Going to EPCOT?  Make sure you experience these Must Do Character Meet & Greets at Epcot. Each park has the Fab Five, but other characters shine at certain parks.

Right now Epcot is experiencing a lot of changes. Always check the MyDisneyExperience App to double-check locations and availability.

Must-Do Character Meet & Greets at Epcot

All of these characters’ meet and greets are ones you can do without dining with them. Interested in character dining in Epcot? Epcot has two character dining locations, Akershus and Garden Grill

Mulan. Mulan can only be found at EPCOT on a regular basis. Her meet and greet is very popular. Arrive at her meet and greet a few minutes before it begins to see her quickly. The times’ guide found at the entrance of the park and the MDE app will list the times she is out. A Genie+ return time is not available for her. She does sign autographs. Some fun interactions with Mulan are to ask her about Mushu, call her Ping, or ask her about her lucky cricket.

Belle. Enchanted Tales with Belle at the Magic Kingdom is not a regular meet and greet. Belle meets near the France Pavilion at the Promenade next to the water.  She is dressed in her blue dress and apron. A Genie+ return time is not available and she does sign autographs. This is a very popular meet and greet, see her as soon as she starts meeting. Ask Belle what her favorite book is or what invention her father is working on.

At Christmas time you can find Belle in her Christmas dress. 

Princess Aurora. Princess Aurora is found in France. Princess Aurora is occasionally found at the Magic Kingdom but has a regular spot here in Epcot. 


Joy can be found in ImageWorks which is at the exit of Figment’s ride.

Jasmine. Jasmine can sometimes be found at the Magic Kingdom, but I like the meet and greet better at EPCOT. She meets in the Moroccan Pavilion. A Genie+ return time is not available and she does sign autographs. The line is inside so you are out of the sun. I also like rubbing all the lamps. Maybe someday the Genie will pop out of one and grant me a few wishes!

Vanellope. After the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Disney brought back Ralph and Vanellope. I am so glad they did. I hope they stay for a while but with Disney, you never know. Genie+ return time is not available and she meets inside ImageWorks. Vanellope signs autographs. Ralph no longer joins Vanellope.

Anna & Elsa. Anna and Elsa meet in their summerhaus in Norway. Their spot is really neat. I love the backdrops behind them. The line seems to go rather quickly and is usually under 35 minutes even during peak times. 

Donald Duck. Even though Donald Duck visits all the parks, here at Epcot he is dressed as one of the Three Caballeros. He is located outside of the Mexico Pavilion. 

What is your favorite Must-Do Character Meet & Greet at EPCOT?

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Post Originally Published February 7th, 2016. 

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