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What to Buy at the Dollar Tree for Your Disney Vacation

A Disney World vacation can be costly, but you can prepare for your trip with a lot of things from the Dollar Tree. Surprisingly, Dollar Tree has a lot of Disney and travel items that will make your vacation better.

I like shopping at the Dollar Tree because of all their great buys. You can save so much money at the Dollar Tree when it comes to prepping for your Disney Vacation. Whether you buy just the regular travel needs or use the Dollar Tree to elevate your Disney travel experience with hacks such as Tinker Bell gifts or the popsicle hack the Dollar Tree has you covered!

Disney Themed Items to Buy at the Dollar Tree

Disney Party Supplies. Get ready for your Disney Vacation having Disney Family Movie Nights watching movies you are going to experience at Disney World. Dollar Tree has both Mickey and Princess themed plates, cups, napkins, and other novelties that will make a movie night totally Disney! Dollar Tree also has movie theater-sized boxes of candy!

Princess/Pirate Dress Up Items. Children can dress up as their favorite Princess at Disney World. If you are not doing the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, then grab some items at the Dollar Tree to make your own experience. Some items to include are:

  • Tiaras
  • Makeup
  • Hair Bows
  • Nail Polish
  • Eye Patch

Travel Items to Buy at the Dollar Tree

First Aid Items. Dollar Tree has a lot of first aid items, they tend to be a bit smaller than the items found at Walmart or Amazon so they are perfect for travel. Some things to consider getting are:

  • Bandaids
  • Moleskin
  • Sun Block
  • After Sun Care
  • Digestive Aids
  • Foot Powder

Toiletry Items. I get almost all my toiletries at the Dollar Tree except for Shampoo/Conditioner and body wash as I am in love with the ones in the Disney hotel rooms which are free.

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush and travel cases for them
  • Shaving cream/razors
  • Wipes
  • Hair Ties

Disney World Hacks

Pack Your Lunch. Even as an adult, I have several Disney Dollar Tree lunch containers. They have sandwich containers, snack containers, water bottles, Disney Ziploc baggies, and even small divided plates for splitting quick-service meals.

Also, grab a couple of the bigger non-Disney containers for Table Service leftovers. Many places (not buffets) let you take your leftovers home and give you containers but it is so much nicer to have a sealed container to stick to the bottom of your park bag.

Straws. Disney recently has started using paper straws which personally I do not like. If you still want plastic straws, the Dollar Tree has them.

Cupcake Liners. Puch the stick of Premium Mickey Bars or popsicles into the center of the liner and it cleans up prevents some messes.

Shower Curtain Liner. Don’t want to invest in a stroller cover, a shower curtain liner will work just fine.

Post-Its. Some children, especially those who are potty training are scared of the automatic flushing toilets. Place a post-it note over the sensor and it stops the automatic flush.

Bandanas. One way to distinguish your stroller from others is to tie a brightly colored bandana on it.

Laundry Soap. If you are doing laundry at Disney World. Save money by packing some laundry soap. For just $1 you can get a small bottle of name-brand detergent.

Bubbles. Disney sells the cutest bubble wands but buying more bubble solution can be expensive at the parks. Buy more bubble solution at the Dollar Tree.

Tip: For successfully refilling the bubble wand thoroughly clean all the sections before refilling as they can get clogged.

Clothespins. Clothespins are helpful in completely closing the resort room curtains. You can also use them to hang swimsuits in the shower.

Dollar Tree Tinker Bell Gift Ideas

What is a Tinker Bell Gift? A Tinker Bell gift is a frugal souvenir idea for kids. A Tinker Bell gift is a small gift Tinker Bell has left behind for good behavior or just to share extra Disney magic with your kids.

Pack small gifts in your suitcase (without the kids seeing them) and leave them a surprise either before they wake up or after a long day at the parks.

  • Small Disney Puzzles
  • Small Disney Toys
  • Coloring Books/Crayons
  • Pool Toys/Floaties
  • Magic Towels

Do you shop at Dollar Tree to prep for your Disney vacation? What are your favorite things to buy?

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