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Artist Point Storybook Character Dining Review

Who wants to dine with a villain? Artist Point Storybook Dining is the only Character Dining experience where you get to meet a villain during the meal. Usually, villains are hidden from us, only coming out at Halloween parties or special events. I was able to snag a last minute reservation for this popular dining experience. Here is my Artist Point Storybook Character Dining Review!

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Artist Point Storybook Character Dining

Out of all the character dining experiences at Walt Disney World, and I have done almost all of them, I would have to say this one is one of the best because not only are the characters amazing so is the food and atmosphere. 

Where is Artist Point? 

Artist Point is located at the Wilderness Lodge

Getting to the Wilderness Lodge is quite easy. If you are on property you can either go to the Magic Kingdom and then take a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge or you can arrange a Minnie Van or other ride-sharing service. 

Artist Point Storybook Characters

Artist Point Storybook dining is centered around Snow White. I absolutely adore that Disney’s First Princess got some love at this location. During the meal, you get to meet Snow White, Dopey, and Grumpy. Those characters make a grand entrance that is announced. The Evil Queen makes a grand entrance too and once your meal is complete you are able to have a meet and greet with her in front of a themed backdrop. 

There is also a time where the characters play. The characters sing and dance to the work song and invite you to join in. 

All of the characters sign autographs. They do have an autographed apple card that is used as a napkin ring. I hope this is not a sign that eventually the characters will not sign as I know that Disney has been kind of leaning that way lately. Like most character dining meals, there is not a Photopass Photographer around when the characters come by your table. There is a Photopass Photographer available when you meet the Evil Queen though. 

The Queen was asking me about my “apple” and if there was some poison in it.

Artist Point Storybook Dining Review and Menu 

With most Disney World Character Dining, you pay for meeting the characters without lines. The food is ok but nothing really to write home about. At Artist Point, the food is great! Of course, some dishes are better than others but it is that way for almost every dining location. 

Artist Point is a Prix Fixe dining location. You pay one set price for your meal even though it is not a buffet. For your meal, you get a sampler of three appetizers, the main course of your choice, and a trio of desserts. The price also includes a fountain drink. tea, or lemonade. There are additional themed non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks you can order as well.  The menu is presented in such a cute way. It is a storybook that you open. There is a story at the beginning and it ends with “The End”. 

Let’s get to the delicious food! The appetizers and desserts are served on the cutest serving tray that rotates so that everyone on the table can see them all. 

One of the appetizers is a Winter Squash Bisque. It was my favorite appetizer. The soup is served in a cute kettle ramekin and comes with a marshmallow “spoon” so you can swirl a little more sweetness into the soup. The soup does not need any extra anything, it is spectacular on its’ own but the added sweetness makes it out of this world. 

The second appetizer is a little Hunter’s Pie. It’s a little meat pie with chicken and black truffle. It comes with a stone fruit preserve. The preserve was the perfect accompaniment for the meat pie, which was a little dry by itself. 

The third appetizer is a shrimp cocktail The shrimp was juicy and tasted wonderful! 

There are a few choices for the main course. I chose the Veal Shank. My husband chose the Prime Rib Roast.

My veal was tender and flavorful. The mashed celery root pretty much tasted liked mashed potatoes. The jus was amazing and the radish slices on top gave a nice peppery flavor to the dish. 

My husband loved his prime rib that was cooked to perfection. He savored every bite, except for the one I had. The radish mashed potatoes were tasty. We also really liked the popover. I had never had one before. It was so light and airy and had a rich flavor to it. 

We added an alcoholic drink to our meal. We asked out server about which one of the themed drinks is best. I initially wanted the Smoking Mirror drink because I thought that would be cool to see. She said that while it was pretty cool to see the flavor was better in the Enchanted Apple drink, plus it was still pretty. The Enchanted Apple drink is Skyy Citrus Vodka. DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple, and White Cranberry juice. The drink was pretty sweet but so good! 

By this time I was getting pretty full but wanted to try all the desserts. 

One dessert is a little sponge cake trifle with chocolate gems and buttercream icing. It is sweet but I liked the different texture because of the chocolate gems. I would say that it was my second favorite dessert offered. My favorite one was the Poison Apple which was white chocolate/apple mousse with a sour center. I really didn’t taste a sour center but it was so creamy and decadent. Plus. the apple was the cutest dessert! The 3rd dessert brought to your table was a gooseberry pie. I honestly did not like the little pie at all, it had a little sour taste to it. My husband thought it was ok but it was not his favorite. 

After you think you are done, the server comes out with the Hunter’s Gift to the Queen. This dessert is presented to you in a smoking glass box. It is a little bit of maple popcorn and chocolate ganache hearts. Both the popcorn and the hearts are the perfect ending to the meal! 

Is Artist Point Storybook dining on your Disney Dining Bucket list? Have you been yet? If yes, what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments. 

I would love to hear how the restaurant was before this transformation as I had not dined at Artist Point before now. 

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Tuesday 18th of June 2019

We have a reservation for this character dining experience in August. So excited for this one. I have read nothing but good reviews on the food and the character interactions.

Tracey Skafidas

Friday 8th of March 2019

I hadn't heard of this particular character dining experience, how fun! Love the cute.

Margie DQ

Friday 8th of March 2019

Haven't been to this one! Looks great and so does the food/drinks.