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Animators Palate Review

Animator’s Palate has been on my Disney bucket list for the longest time and it did not disappoint. Animator’s Palate is a creative, artistic, and tasty dinner show experience on the Disney Cruise Line.

Animators Palate sign lit up

Animator’s Palate is a Main Dining restaurant within the innovative Rotational Dining experience onboard the Disney Magic, Dream, Fantasy, and Wonder. Be drawn into a spacious yet stylized dining room that recalls a real-life, hand-drawn environment in black and white.

Animator’s Palate boasts a fantastic architectural design, where proportions bend and slant suddenly and sketches showcasing characters and scenes from Disney and Disney·Pixar films adorn the walls around you. There are different shows within the restaurant and the one you get depends on your sailing and ship.

My show was Animation Magic and it blew my mind. Out of all my dining experiences in the Disney realm, this is my favorite so far!

Disney’s Animators Palate Review

You walk in and the whole dining room is black and white. When I went to our table I thought maybe they messed up since there were coloring sheets and markers on the table. My table was full of adults. But the markers and coloring sheet were for us. We were to create a person or character.

Once you are done the servers take your drawings and you start to enjoy the meal. The food was very good. I had creamy butternut squash soup, black truffle pasta purseittes, Ginger-Teriyaki dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin served on Wasabi Mashed Potatoes with Bok Choy and a Tamarind Barbecue Reduction, and for dessert I had Lemon Icebox Pie served with Berry Crème.

Throughout the meal, you have to pay attention around you as the room begins to change or you will miss it. Honestly, I did not get very many pictures of this transformation because I was enjoying it so much and very much in the moment.

Near the end of the meal is when you get to see the real magic. Remember those drawings we made earlier, well Mickey Mouse has a super surprise! He animates them! Right before your eyes, your drawings start dancing and moving around the screen even making their way into Disney animated classics.

You even get credit for being part of the show!

Animator’s Palate Tips

Stay in the Lines. If you notice, I didn’t write my name completely in the lines. I did not completely understand what I was doing at first. You can’t see the tail of my P in my name.

Don’t Worry If You Miss the Show. The cartoon will play a second time if you missed out on the first showing of it.

Don’t Miss this Dinner Show. If you have scheduled a Palo or Remy dinner but didn’t know you booked it on Animator’s Plate night, just let guest services know and they can reschedule you for another night if possible. This was the most entertaining meal of the whole cruise!

Pay Attention to Details. Even your butter knife is part of the decor and show. This restaurant is full of details and fun nods to the theme.

Let’s discuss! If you have dined at Animator’s Palate, how did you like it? Would you do it again?

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