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World of Color Tips and Fun Facts

“World of Color” at Disney’s California Adventure Park is a must-do nighttime spectacular that’s history is tied to Walt Disney himself. This is one nighttime show that is a must-do! Here are some World of Color Tips and Fun Facts that will help you enjoy and appreciate this amazing show.

What is Disney’s World of Color?

World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure is a 22-minute amazing show that brings animation to life with powerful fountains that create an immense screen of water. Combining music, fire, fog, and laser effects with memorable animated sequences, this nighttime spectacular floods the senses and immerses audiences in some favorite Disney and Pixar stories.

World of Color Tips

Get a Reservation. Unlike the giant stadium at Walt Disney World for Fantasmic, finding a good spot to see World of Color (WOC) at California Adventure can be a challenge. Reserving the dining package or the dessert party is the best way to secure yourself a great place to see the show.

Join the Virtual Queue. While the dining package and the dessert parties are a great way to be guaranteed to have a great seat for the show, you can also get into the reserved seating area by joining the virtual queue.

Disneyland Fireworks Tip. Check show times but after the early show of WOC, make your way to the alley by Little Mermaid and you’ll be able to see some of the fireworks from Disneyland Park.

Beware of Splash Zones. There are signs. Even on a calm day, you will get a little misty. If it is windy even those a few feet back will get soaked.

Best Spot to View Without Reserved Seating. The best spot is next to the Golden Zephyr, to the right of the yellow section. Viewing is also available immediately in front of The Little Mermaid attraction. You have a better chance of getting a good spot on the second showing rather than the first.

World of Color Fun Facts

Fantasia in Real Life. Have you ever seen the movie Fantasia? It is one of my favorite Disney animated movies. Since it can be boring for children since it is just music and animation the movie doesn’t get much love. World of Color was conceived as a kind of “living ‘Fantasia,’” using music, animation, color, light, and water to involve the audience in an exciting, whimsical, and moving journey of storytelling.

World of Color was a Real TV Show. The Emmy® Award-winning “Wonderful World of Color” (1961-1969) was Walt Disney’s first color television series, an extension of his previous “Disneyland” and “Walt Disney Presents” anthology series. The music and kaleidoscopic images of this pioneering TV show inspired the “World of Color” nighttime spectacular.

The Beginning and Ending Music is Special. The show begins and ends with the original theme from the “Wonderful World of Color” television show, which was written by Disney Legends Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman.

So Many Fountains! The show features nearly 1,200 powerful and programmable fountains. Each fountain has multiple points of control for lighting, color intensity, water angle, height, and more.

Paradise Bay. The show spans Paradise Bay, a 5-acre man-made lagoon with 15 million gallons of water.

This Show Doesn’t Waste Water. When design preparations for the show began, Disneyland Resort collaborated with the Orange County Water District to reduce water waste in Paradise Bay. Instead of draining the lagoon to the ocean when it is emptied, the water is sent through the Water District’s advanced Groundwater Replenishment System. After it is purified, the water is pumped into recharge basins and replenishes the county’s groundwater supply. For these efforts, along with other Resort-wide environmental practices, Disneyland Resort was recognized in 2009 with the Governor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Award, California’s highest environmental honor.

Will you be making sure to see World of Color during your Disneyland and California adventure vacation?

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