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Top Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants

Disney food is some of the best food on the planet! When planning out your day at the Magic Kingdom, take note of my top Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants.

The Magic Kingdom offers a good assortment of tasty food, so everyone in your party can find a yummy meal. Do Disney on a budget by knowing where to spend your hard-earned money at. I hate nothing more than buying a meal that I feel like I wasted money on because the meal was not as expected. 

Top 5 Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants

My top choices are based on many factors including how good the food is, atmosphere, price (for those paying out of pocket), and location. Many of these restaurants now have mobile ordering through the My Disney Experience app to save you time waiting in lines.

#1 Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is located on Main Street USA just before the castle hub. The Disney Dining Plan is accepted.

There is a reason Casey’s Corner is ALWAYS busy, it is because the food is crazy good! Every month there is a special hot dog with toppings like pulled pork, macaroni & cheese, bacon, or hashbrowns. The hot dogs are huge and could easily be split between 2 people to save money. I am also in love with their Corn Dog Nuggets.

The only downside of Casey’s Corner is the lack of seating. There is a small seating area in the back and then tables outside, but they are always taken. Sometimes I grab my food and head to the hub grass and eat picnic-style. On super hot days, I go to one of my other choices that have more indoor seating.

#2 Columbia Harbor House

Columbia Harbor House is located in Liberty Square near the Haunted Mansion. Mobile ordering is available.

If you are looking for something a little more grownup than your typical theme park burgers and fries, Columbia Harbor House has you covered. The food choices are mainly seafood and the food is very good.

There is seating both indoors and out. If there are no seats on the first floor there is additional seating upstairs.

Lobster Roll from Columbia Harbour House

#3 Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn Cafe

Southwest Burger from Pecos Bills

One of my reasons for loving this place is the “secret” dining room. Even on the busiest days, not many people discover the second dining area up the ramp. It is always so quiet in there. Another reason Pecos Bills is pretty cool is because of the toppings bar. Their plates come with a side of tortilla chips and with their toppings bar you can pretty much make super nachos.

#4 Pinnochio Village Haus

Pinnochio Village House has good flatbread pizzas.  The marinara sauce could be better but they are still a good choice. The flatbread crusts are good though and they sometimes have seasonal offerings. My husband loved the holiday flatbread with a cranberry barbecue sauce, turkey, and stuffing.

Chicken Parmesan sandwich with fries

I love that you can watch people starting their journey on It’s a Small World. Cute signs are available for you to hold that say things like “Do the Macarena” for the boat guests to do. It is fun to see who participates. I had more fun doing that than enjoying my food.

The Wishing Book is also at the Pinnochio Village Haus and I write wishes a lot in it, even if I am not dining there.

What is your favorite Magic Kingdom Quick Service dining location? Let me know in the comments!

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