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The Dapper Dans at the Magic Kingdom

Have you ever caught the Dapper Dans at the Magic Kingdom? They perform on Main Street several times throughout the day. The performance lasts about 20 minutes. They are very talented and funny! I do consider the Dapper Dans a Must-Do. The experience will definitely add some magic to your day!

The instruments they play are called Deagan Organ Chimes. John Calhoun Deagan patented the Deagan Organ Chimes in 1900. They were made by his Deagan Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois. In the Deagan Catalogue, he claimed his organ chimes were “universally conceded as being the greatest novelty instrument ever invented…” (source

Check the Times Guide at Magic Kingdom for the schedule and showtimes. Since this is an outdoor show, it is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. Showtimes are subject to change.

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