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Disney’s Aquarium | The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Did you know that the Seas with Nemo and Friends is much more than a clam mobile ride and Turtle Talk with Crush? The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a full-fledged aquarium where you can relax, see, and learn all about the real-life versions of Nemo and his friends. Do not miss this section of Epcot! You could easily spend 2-3 hours exploring all that the Seas with Nemo and Friends Aquarium has to offer.

I am going to share with you all that you can experience at The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends Ride

Fastpass+ is not needed because waits are relatively low. Waits are even lower in the evening since most people are in the World Showcase. The queue is rather long and I think you spend more time winding through the queue than you do actually riding the ride. The queue is mainly in the dark and not interactive.

The ride is 4 minutes long.

For us plus-sized princesses, this ride is perfect. The clamshell you ride in is open and does not even have a lap bar.

The ride is cute. You are on the hunt for Nemo with Marlin and Dory. The beginning of the ride is animated and towards the end, animation and real marine life are merged together. Please be considerate and do not use flash photography. It ruins the ride for everyone else.

Once the ride is over you are let out in the middle the Seas Pavillion.

Exploring the Disney’s Seas with Nemo and Friends Aquarium

The Disney’s Seas with Nemo & Friends Aquarium is 2 stories high and when you are let out of the ride you are on the first floor. On the first floor, you will find Turtle Talk with Crush, a gift shop with all things sea life, Bruce’s play area (good place to get some cute photo ops) and small aquarium rooms. Each room has interactive devices for guests of all ages to learn about the animals in the tank.

There are dolphin training demonstrations but please be aware that just like Animal Kingdom, if an animal does not want to participate they don’t have to. During the shows, I have seen most of the dolphins participate and they love when you “reward” them by clapping when they get the right answer. Ask a Cast Member when a demonstration is scheduled. They are so fun to watch and you learn a lot.

Catch the fish feedings at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM, when a Cast Member will describe the rays, sea turtles, and fish you see before you. Ascend to the second floor’s Observation Deck—a circular, window-lined room in the middle of the aquarium—and find yourself almost completely surrounded by marine life.  There is also a show that talks about the manatees on the second floor.

Tips for The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavillion

  • Every time I go into the Seas Pavillion my cell phone battery drains quickly. The wifi and general cell signal tend to be weak. Put your phone on airplane mode so you can take pictures and video without draining your battery.
  • The only thing I do not like about the Seas Aquarium is that there is no seating. I like sitting and lazily watching sea creatures swimming about.
  • Get your kids familiar with some common sea life creatures before the trip so they can excitedly point out the ones they find.
  • Make sure to watch Finding Nemo and Finding Dory before coming to Disney World, it will make the experience so much more fun!
  • Connect with a Cast Member. Cast Members walking around the aquarium are filled with so much knowledge about the creatures you see and they love sharing that information with guests.
  • Get a picture! Before entering the Seas with Nemo Pavillion there is sometimes a Photopass Photographer available for you to get a picture with the gang from Finding Nemo (not live characters).
  • Look for Hidden Mickeys and even a hidden Goofy (I have not found that one yet).

Fun Trivia About Disney’s Seas with Nemo and Friends Aquarium

  1. The aquarium used to be called The Living Seas and was established in 1986.
  2. The aquarium is a 5.7 million-gallon saltwater aquarium.
  3. The aquarium is 26 feet deep and 203 feet in diameter.
  4. It is the second-largest aquarium in the United States, just behind the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.
  5. One of the largest man-made ocean environments in the world, the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium is home to over 4,000 sea creatures representing over 60 species.

Extra Experiences at the Seas with Nemo and Friends Aquarium

These experiences are extra and do not come with normal ticket admission.

Dolphins in Depth

This 3-hour experience is $199.00 per person and you get to learn how Disney cares for their dolphins. Go backstage and see how the dolphins are trained while sitting in on a training session. The best part is that You get to interact with dolphins for about a half an hour in waist deep water!   You do not need to swim or be SCUBA-certified to take part in this experience.

Epcot DiveQuest

Unlike the Dolphins in Depth experience, the Epcot DiveQuest requires that you be SCUBA-certified to participate. DiveQuest lasts 3 hours, and you’ll spend approximately 40 minutes on your actual dive. You’ll also tour the massive backstage infrastructure that filters and maintains this vast manmade ocean. This experience is $175.00 per person.

Epcot Seas Aqua Tour

If you would like to snorkel with Nemo and friends, this experience is for you! For $140.00 person you will explore the massive infrastructure that filters and maintains the habitat and watch an educational video presentation about the creatures of the Caribbean Coral Reef. Offering a snorkeling experience like no other for Guests who are not SCUBA-certified, this 2.5-hour experience at Epcot includes approximately 30 minutes of actual snorkeling time at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion.

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