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runDisney Inspiration

I have been toying with the idea of doing a runDisney race for a while now. I have done a 5k (local Turkey Trot) and enjoyed it. The idea of a Disney race seemed fun, but I didn’t think I could do it. I am still not sure I can, but I had an amazing experience the other day at the Cigna runDisney Blogger event and it got me inspired to go for it. I mean go for it! I am not going to sign up for a 5k, I was encouraged to do the 10k. Did you know that Cigna Health sponsors the runDisney Marathon Weekend? They have a mission to help people get healthy. This is my runDisney inspiration.

My runDisney Inspiration

I want to thank Megan from Elbow Glitter. I met Megan at the Cigna runDisney Blogger event. We were on the Daisy team together and got to talk some. Her story on her about page is inspiring, she has been running for quite awhile. She encouraged me about running a Disney race because of the bling and fun that come along with it. I probably won’t be fast enough to pose with characters during the race and not get swept up by the balloon ladies (that might become a goal in the future though). Megan said that if you wear your medal in the parks and do meet and greets that the characters adore them and you can have some fun character interactions. I LOVE character interactions and now dream of showing my 10K Princess Medal to Cinderella. That is my runDisney inspiration!

I had such a fun time learning about getting healthier. We played some fun mini games while learning healthy tidbits as a team. My team, team Daisy won!

Photo Courtesy of Cigna. We had to keep the balloons up in the air until the music stopped. a color was called out and if you were holding the called-out color you got coins for your team.

After the fun, Mickey and Minnie came to visit us!!

Photo courtesy of Cigna Health

I am excited to start training for my first 10k. I am going to do the Princess 10k (registration opens up on July 12th at noon). Sign up at the runDisney website. That gives me roughly 13 months to get to my best physically. I am excited!!

Here are some training tips courtesy of Cigna to help me and hopefully inspire you to runDisney!

So, what is your runDisney inspiration? I will be sharing some amazing runDisney inspirational stories in the coming months. Also, be sure to check out the Team runDisney Facebook group.

Thank You for Spreading the Pixie Dust!

Megan @

Thursday 14th of January 2016

You are too sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I can't wait to follow your training and see those photos of you with your medal!