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The Magic of Disney Animation Building in Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios used to have more of a focus on the actual animation of characters and the development of movies. I miss that part of Disney on the east coast. Disney’s Magic of Animation building gave us a sneak look at the process of making characters. Here is a sample of some of the things you could do.

*****Update***** The Magic of Disney Animation Building has been transformed into Star Wars Launch Bay. 

Disney’s Magic of Animation Building

Disney’s Animation Building in Hollywood Studios is crammed full of fun things to do. This is what I did on my last trip.

Met with Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope

The waiting queue is really cute! It is made to look like you are inside of Game Central Station. Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope don’t sign autographs so they give you these really neat character cards to put into your autograph book. I don’t have a book so I just asked for the card. I thought it would make a nice addition to my scrapbook. I got some character interaction ideas from Kenny the Pirate which made our visit with them super fun! I told Vanellope that she had my vote for president. She gave me the best hug ever and “kissed” me. My husband told Wreck it Ralph “I’m gonna wreck it”! I think next time I will make Ralph a “hero” necklace like the one in the movie and give it to him. Ralph also kissed me too. Such a memorable experience!

Met with Mr. Incredible & Frozone

After seeing Ralph and Vanellope, we waited in line to meet Mr. Incredible and Frozone. We were about 4 people from the front of the line when they went on break. The character handler said they had to call their wives to check in with them. I love how Disney adds extra touches like that to keep the magic alive.  They were back within 10 minutes or less. We took some more advice from Kenny the Pirate.  My husband arm-wrestled Mr. Incredible and WON!! LOL, I told Frozone it was getting warm in there and asked him to cool it down. He said he motioned that he was thirsty and couldn’t. Such fun!

Experienced the Character Development Attraction

We took a break from character meetings and went to watch the character development attraction. It talks about character animation development, with Mushu helping out! The cast member hosting it was very entertaining!

Visited Minnie Mouse

My husband and I then popped over and visited Minnie! She has a new spot over there and it is very pretty! I complimented Minnie’s outfit and my husband asked her if Mickey has popped the question yet. Minnie got all crazy at that and motioned to my husband that he should talk to Mickey about that. It was hilarious. We left the room smiling. 🙂

Took the Animation Academy Class

We then took the Animation Academy class where you get to learn how to draw a Disney character. We learned how to draw Sully from Monster’s University. The artist teaching the class gives very easy directions and I personally don’t think my drawing turned out horrible. At the end of the class, the artist gives his drawing to someone. I answered the trivia question asked correctly and took home his drawing. I am probably going to end up framing it. They have up to 50 different characters you can learn to draw so my husband and I want to do more of the classes.

Toured the Museum

We then walked into the little museum there. They have all their awards in a case. I asked if any of them are real. Out of all the awards in the case, 2 of them are real and not replicas.

Did you ever visit The Magic of Disney Animation Building in Hollywood Studios? What was your favorite part?

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