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Jingle Jungle Cruise

I didn’t have my annual pass last Christmas so I didn’t get a chance to check out the Jingle Jungle Cruise. I was excited to try it and finally got my chance the other day. I got a late FastPass for the ride, though the stand-by wait time was only 15 minutes. We almost went on it twice but when we got done with the FastPass ride, the wait had gone up to 25 minutes to stand by so we decided to move on to our next attraction.

Jingle Jungle Cruise

The Jingle Jungle Cruise is not a total overhaul of the Jungle Cruise ride, but cute Christmas time touches are added. The skipper adds a few Christmas jokes and puns that keeps the ride unfamiliar for those of us who have been on the Jungle Cruise and know a lot of the jokes. Our skipper, Grace, was awesome and you could tell she really loved her job! She interacted with us so much! I always love getting a great captain on the cruise.

I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend you add this to your Christmas Disney trip if you have the time available. I want to go on it again through the standby queue and during the day to see all the details they added better.

If you have been on the Jingle Jungle Cruise, what did you think about it?

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