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The Great Piggy Bank Adventure – EPCOT

Usually, when I go to Epcot, I spend a lot of time in the World Showcase. Lots of shows and so many different foods to try. This time we went to Epcot and I was getting kind of sick from the heat, so we decided to venture into Innoventions and play the Great Piggy Bank Adventure.  I needed some air conditioning and fun!

UPDATE: This attraction has been retired.

One of the things my husband and I did was The Great Piggy Bank Adventure presented by T. Rowe Price. It looked fun plus, there was no line. The first thing you do is get a piggy bank! When you first get it is empty. I shook it to make sure. 🙂 Then you go to a kiosk and pick out a financial goal. My husband and I decided on saving for retirement. I think some of the other options included a college fund and vacation savings.

Then you and the piggy travel on. First, you get money. You put the piggy bank in the machine and it stays inside the machine while you play the game.  I thought the games were going to be very easy. I mean Walt Disney is for kids, right? Well, my husband and I both played and still found it a little difficult. When you were saving up money a fox would come and try to thwart you from saving.  It was a fun game!

After you save. You need to put your money in the right savings account. One that grows interest. That game my husband and I found really tricky and did not do well at all.

The third game is really fun. You have coins in a bedroom and you have to hide them in several locations, just like you would have money in separate accounts. Then a fox comes in occasionally and steals the money from one of your locations.

In the end, you take the piggy bank that now has money in it and see how well you did in making it your goal. You can shake it and hear the money! 🙂  We didn’t reach our goal. The CM said that the Piggy thinks we are too young to retire so we have time. We also have many more chances to play at Epcot.

Fact Facts:

  • Location: Epcot Innoventions West
  • Duration: About 10-15 minutes
  • Air Conditioned
  • Multiplayer, family game
  • Kid Friendly

This would not necessarily be on a must-do list, but this is a fun way to play at Disney in the air conditioning.

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