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Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet | LEGOLAND Florida Dining

If you are looking for pizza on your LEGOLAND day, Fun Town Pizza Buffet fits the bill! Fun Town Pizza Buffet has a family-friendly atmosphere and an abundance of LEGO-themed fun. Located in the heart of Fun Town, this vibrant and lively restaurant offers a delectable buffet spread featuring a wide variety of freshly baked pizzas, mouthwatering sides, and irresistible desserts.

3 Reasons to Love Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet

The buffet has lots of inside seating options for small or large groups of people. I found the restaurant was very clean and the model citizens working in the restaurant to be helpful and polite.

It’s Decently Priced.

The Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet is reasonably priced for theme park food. Usually, theme park food is super expensive and leaves you still hungry afterward. This buffet is just $15.99 for adults and $9.99 for kids at the time of this post. The best part is that drinks are included. During a hot Florida day, hydrating is so important. I made sure to drink some Powerade so I could replace some of the electrolytes I lost.

So Many Options!

The buffet has a salad bar with a nice salad mix for the base and general salad toppings such as tomatoes, carrots, and the like.  There are two pasta options: Alfredo sauce and marinara sauce. Pizza options include cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers, Hawaiian, veggie lovers, and a couple of dessert pizza options. Kids and adults will both like the pizza offerings available! Garlic bread is also available.

The Pizza and Pasta are Delicious!

The food was really good. I would compare it to CiCi’s Pizza. You can tell it is not a homemade crust, but the pizzas are yummy and I had seconds. I really enjoyed the salad since it was not just iceberg lettuce.

Will you make Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet a part of your Legoland Florida Day?

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