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East Coast Winery | Wine Tasting in Melbourne, FL

Florida has some really great wines! Though Florida doesn’t have a huge abundance of wineries around, the ones that do produce wine are spectacular. The Melbourne, Florida area does not have a wine producing winery, but they do have the East Coast Winery. East Coast Winery is a small wine shop in the downtown Melbourne area.

My husband and I love tasting new wines and like trying them before buying. Being frugal means that I try before I buy. Who really wants to spend $20+ on a bottle of wine only to discover that it is not to their liking?

East Coast Winery

Though the Melbourne Beach Market, close to Tuckaway Shores Resort, has 5 isles of wine to choose from, I can’t try any of them and their selection of local wines is not that big. My husband and I went on a hunt to find a place to try some local wines. The East Coast Winery was perfect!

It is a small shop, but very friendly. The owner was very knowledgeable with the wines that they sell. I liked learning about the different wines and how they are processed here in Florida. My husband and I picked out a few wines to try and the owner guided us through the tasting process. I do like that they offered water rinses and pretzels so you could fully cleanse your palette before the next wine.

The East Coast Winery carries wine from all over Florida. My favorite Florida Gulf Side wines were available, but I was looking for something from the Florida East Coast.

Royal Manor Mango Wine

Our pick was the Royal Manor Mango Wine. It was sweet and a tiny bit peppery, just perfect. The winery is located in Gainesville, FL which isn’t on the east coast but isn’t too close to me either. I see another staycation in my future to visit the Royal Manor!

What is your favorite Florida wine or winery?

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