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Disney World Ticket Discounts

Looking to visit Disney World for the cheapest price possible? I can help you find the best discounts! Keep in mind that really deep discount Disney World tickets are basically impossible. Still, if you’re buying passes for a family, even 5% or 10% off Disney World tickets can add up! Today I am going to share with you many Disney World  Ticket Discounts that will help save your family lots of money.

Disney World Ticket Discounts

Disney World Ticket Discounts

There are several ways to save money at Disney World, but saving on tickets is the most important. You can always stay off property, bring your own food in, and use the free transportation to save money at Disney World but you have to buy those theme park tickets. Here are my tips and tricks to save on Disney World Theme Park Tickets.

Get a Basic Ticket

A Disney World theme park ticket can come with lots of bells and whistles. You have your base ticket which gets you into one park for one day. Then you have the park hopper option that allows you to visit more than one park in one day. Then you have the park hopper plus option which also includes admission to the water parks.

Stick with the basic ticket. Including travel times park hopping can cost you upwards of 2 hours of your park day. I, personally like to get all the hours I am paying for rather than using my time to board more transportation, go through security again, and through the entrance line again.

Use a Travel Agent

The best way to save on Disney World tickets is to use a Travel Agent that is authorized to sell Disney Vacation Packages. They can plan as little or as much as you want them to. Disney is constantly coming out with new promotions and discounts. Travel agents keep on top of them and automatically add the best discount to your package. A travel agent will help you sort through the dates and help you come up with a plan.

Go During a Low Ticket Price Time

In late 2018 Disney switched to a date-based ticketing system. Certain times of the year and certain days of the week are cheaper for tickets.

As you can see from the calendar above there is a good range for one-day tickets in May. Disney World is trying to spread out the crowds with this pricing structure.

Buy More Days

As with most things, the more you buy the lower price per unit. The same is true with Disney World tickets. If you buy just one ticket you are spending a lot on your Disney day.

Save with Undercover Tourist

The Disney World Website rarely offers discounted tickets. If you are just buying theme park tickets, Undercover Tourist is a very reputable online ticket seller. You will be able to link your tickets to your My Disney Experience account and make dining reservations without any problems.

How much will you save with Undercover Tourist? If you are buying anything from a 3-day ticket to a 10-day ticket, you can save from $10 -$59 per ticket just by buying your tickets ahead of time through from Undercover Tourist.

Be sure to order your tickets several months ahead of time so you can secure your Fast Pass+ reservations (60 days for onsite guests, 30 days for off-site guests).

Undercover Tourist prices include taxes and shipping so the price that you see is the price that you get. The Disney World website doesn’t add the tax until checkout which can be a little bit deceiving while doing your research.

Undercover Tourist Shopping Tips

  • I wouldn’t use Undercover Tourist if you are just going for 1 or 2 days as there is not really a discount for that. Buying from Walt Disney World would be better in that case.
  • Choose the Mail to Your Door Option. The e-ticket option is nonrefundable and in case of emergency, you will want that money back.
  • If you are planning on staying on property, I wouldn’t use Undercover Tourist as well. I would use a travel agent that can get you the best package deal and automatically gives you the best discount when one becomes available.
  • A WARNING. I am updating this article post-Covid. Many guests discovered that Undercover Tourist was not at all helpful in getting a refund due to the pandemic. Their customer service really lacked. If you are buying these tickets please remember that you are not getting any additional assistance and if there is a problem you may very well be on your own.

Avoid Buying Tickets from Unreputable Ticket Sellers

If you are driving to Disney or using a car while at Disney, you will notice that around every turn there are places selling Disney World Discount tickets. These places are scamming you. They buy people’s unused tickets and then try to sell them to you, Once you get to the park you will be denied entry because tickets are nontransferable.

Other than despicable. unreputable ticket sellers, there are just other places that sell discount tickets that you should avoid. My husband can get tickets through Ticket At Work but we have had so many problems with them that I don’t recommend them at all.

Get Party Tickets Instead of Regular Tickets

If you are going to Disney from late August through December, choose a party ticket for one of the days and don’t get a regular ticket. A party ticket will let you into the park at 4 pm and the party goes late. Party tickets closer to Halloween Day and Christmas Day are more expensive than ones further out.

Children Under 3 are Free

Children under the age of three are free. Be sure to take advantage of this! Even if your child is turning three during the vacation if they are 2 when the vacation starts they are still free. Check out these Tips for taking Toddlers to Disney World post.

My friends did this a couple of weeks ago. I saw how easy it was. My friend had a 2-year-old, 6-year-old, and a 10-year-old. Saving on the two-year-old made a huge impact on their ticket prices. You don’t have to show any proof of age when taking the babies and toddlers into the parks as Disney operates on the honor system. Just please be honest and don’t teach your kids to lie, though I know very few 3-year-olds that would willingly admit to being 2.

Take Advantage of Florida Discounts if you’re Eligible

If you happen to be a Florida resident (Fl Drivers License and proof of address are required) then Disney offers a lot of discounts for you! The discounts change often so I can’t list them here. If you live within 2 hours of Disney or plan to go often a Florida Resident Annual Pass may be your best option. To see current deals for Florida residents, check out the Disney World Website.

Take Advantage of Military Discounts if you’re Eligible

If you are military you are eligible for some great discounts! First, of all, thank you for your service. I have several friends that are military and I understand some of your struggles and a Disney vacation can help create lasting memories for your family. Second, other than the ticket discounts found on the Disney World Website for military guests, there is also a whole resort, Shades of Green, dedicated to you!

The main discount is that military members do not have to pay sales tax, which saves almost 6.5%.

Buy Tickets with Discounted Disney Gift Cards

My favorite Disney World ticket discount is buying tickets with discounted Disney Gift cards. You can get discounted Disney gift cards from several places like Sam’s Club or Sam’s Club but my favorite is getting them through my Target Red Card.

The Red Card saves you an automatic 5% every time you use it and it gives this discount off of Disney Gift cards. You can use Disney gift cards on the Disney World website, at the parks, and even pay for your trip through an authorized Disney Travel agent. Using your Target Redcard gives you savings on top of savings!

Looking for more ways to save on your Walt Disney World Vacation? 

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