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The Best Disney World Souvenirs & Shopping Tips

Make sure to budget for souvenirs so you have special mementos to remember your trip with. Today I am sharing with you my top picks for Disney souvenirs, from budget-friendly ones to super unique ones that are worth budgeting extra money for. Plus, get some helpful tips about shopping for Disney World souvenirs.

The Best Disney World Souvenirs

Taking a bit of Disney home with you is almost mandatory on a Disney vacation. You can find Disney souvenirs for as cheap as free (celebrating buttons, stickers, etc) and expensive as $25,000 or more.

What is the best amount of money to budget for Disney souvenirs? According to Touring Plans, around 60% of Disney World guests average less than $100 dollars per person on Disney World Souvenirs. Half of the 60% spend zero to $50, the others spend $51 to $100.

Cheap Disney World Souvenirs

Most of these souvenirs are under $30 and are unique to Walt Disney World.

Pressed Pennies

One of the cheapest souvenirs on Walt Disney property is pressed coins. The pressed pennies cost 51 cents including the penny. To save money you can buy a pressed coin book ahead of time so you can have a generic book for all your travel destinations.

I love collecting pressed pennies because the options change over time, so you can really build a nice collection. The pressed penny machines are located all over Disney World property. Find the machines in parks, resorts, and Disney Springs.

Personalized Disney World Christmas Ornaments

Though my whole tree is Disney themed, I usually buy at least one ornament to document my time at Walt Disney World. You can get the ornament personalized with your names or year. Most ornaments are under $25. You can buy these ornaments at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs.

Personalized Mickey Ear Hat

Pick up the classic and most popular Disney World souvenir, a Mickey Ear Hat. You can get these at The Chapeau on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, the Five and Dime at Hollywood Studios, and Mouse Gear at Epcot.

You can get the hat personalized with a name for an additional cost. Looking to have the hat before your trip? Buy one at in the Parks section.

Once home you add the hat to a shadow box along with some Disney Park Freebies and other little souvenirs you have collected.

Disney Pins

Most Disney Pins are under $15 and you can get a few to remember a special event, favorite characters, first time on a ride, or even what resort you stayed at. Pins are also fun Disney activity as you can trade them with Cast Members and even with other guests. Disney pins can launch you into a brand new hobby. Check out my Beginners Guide to Disney Pin Trading.

Unique Disney World Souvenirs

Some of these souvenirs are a bit pricier but I believe the extra cost is worth it.

Festival, Special Events, and Holiday Souvenirs

If you are looking for a truly memorable way to remember your trip, then seek out special souvenirs related to an event or holiday you are vacationing during. Here are some ideas:

  • Epcot Festivals: Each festival offers special merchandise such as trading pins, cups, hats, shirts, etc. Looking for special, useful things to use in the kitchen, the Epcot Food & Wine Festival has you covered. Looking for a special piece of Disney artwork, the International Festival of the Arts is perfect for that. Find garden statues, wind chimes, and more during the Flower & Garden Festival.
  • Holidays: Disney offers special merchandise for almost every holiday you can think of, not just Halloween and Christmas. 4th of July, Nurses Day, World Photography Day, and more. Even fan-made holidays like May the Fourth, Stitch Day, and 2319.
  • Opening and Closing Events: Ride and land opening days come with special limited-time souvenirs. The same goes for when things close. For these souvenirs, you need to get there early on release day and manage expectations.

Build Your Own Light Saber

In Hollywood Studios and in Disney Springs, you can build your own Light Saber. Star Wars fans can build their own in the gift shop near Star Tours.

You can also make a more durable one in Galaxy’s Edge. It is a whole experience and really cool. The price starts at $250.

This is the plastic lightsaber you can build near Star Tours and Disney Springs

Pick a Pearl

In the Japan pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase and in a booth in Disney Springs you can pick your own pearl. The experience is better at Epcot. After the jeweler opens your clamshell you can pick out a ring or necklace cage to put it in.

A Disney Dress

Dresses average around $120 and skirts around $80. You will find Tikki Room dresses, Orange Bird, and more!

The dress selection changes every few months. The best part is that these dresses also come in plus sizes! The shop also carries crinolines to wear under the skirts, but since you can get them on Amazon for less I wouldn’t buy them at the dress shop. You can also shop the dresses at home from in case your size was not available at the store.

Adopt a Banshee from Pandora

Located in Pandora at Animal Kingdom in the Windtraders Gift Shop. Guests can adopt their own banshees to care for. The price to adopt a Banshee is $49.99 and no discounts apply.

Each interactive banshee includes three ranges of motion – mouth, head, and wings – that are controlled by hand. Guests will also hear them make authentic banshee sounds

Photo Credit: WDW News

Engraved Glass Items

One of my most treasured souvenirs from Disney was from my honeymoon trip. We got a personalized etched picture from the Glaskunst store in the Germany pavilion in Epcot. We had it engraved with our wedding date. They have several items available to engrave that will help you remember your vacation and special moments!

Disney World Clothing Items

If you are someone who loves to wear their Disney World love, there are plenty of choices. To make a memorable souvenir, please consider the following things when picking out a souvenir t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, or another clothing item.

  • Is it something you would wear outside of Disney? This matters to some people, especially if you don’t frequent Disney theme parks. The Donald Butt Headband is super cute but not practical outside of the parks.
  • Does it look like something you could buy at Walmart? Buying a shirt that just has Mickey on it may be too generic. Look for something that adds the Disney Parks logo or year.

Disney World Souvenir Shopping Tips

  • Buy it when you see it, it may be gone by the time you get back to it. There are lots of items unique to an event or location and there’s a chance you won’t come across it later.
  • If you’re staying on-site, you can send gifts back to your hotel for free so be sure to take advantage of that if you buy too much to carry. If you are staying off-site, you can have your items sent to Guest Relations to pick up at the end of the day as long as there are 3 hours left in the day.
  • Use the App. Looking for a particular souvenir and don’t want to be shopping around all day? Check the Shop Disney App to find where your item is located in the parks.
  • Shop at Home. If you think of something after you leave that you wish you’d picked up, check the Shop Disney app (available for Android and iOS) which has many/most items from the parks.
  • Check out the Disney Character Outlet for official discounted Disney Parks Merchandise. The address is  8200 Vineland Ave #1252, Orlando, FL 32821
  • Give Kids a Gift Card. Help children budget money and give them a Disney Gift Card to help them choose a souvenir. This prevents children from wanting the first or many items they are going to see.

What is your favorite Disney souvenir to bring home?  Let me know in the comments.

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