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Disney Springs Coca-Cola Beverage Bar | Sampling Adventure and Tips

In my earlier post about the Coca-Cola store, I shared about the shopping experience. In this post, I am going to share my experience at the Disney Springs Coca-Cola Beverage Bar. The beverage bar is located on the 3rd floor of the Coca-Cola Store building. It is open air and includes great views of the newly imagined Disney Springs. I have also shared some tips at the end of the post save you money and enhance the experience!

Since I wanted to sample everything I got the Combo Drink Platter. This platter includes 8 different cola floats and 16 flavors of cola. My husband and I split each little cup.

Cola Floats

Coca-Cola Float: Tasty and I would make them at home.

Sprite Float: I had never thought of putting Sprite in a float. Not exactly great, but not bad either. I think if you love Sprite, you might like this. I am not a huge Sprite fan.

Fanta Grape Float: I thought I would like this, but it just tasted odd to me.

Cherry Coke Float: This was really good. You can taste the slight cherry flavor and it goes well with the ice cream.

Barq’s Rootbeer Float: Perfection, I love Barq’s Rootbeer floats!

Barq’s Red Creme Float: This one is my absolute favorite! Barq’s Red Creme is hard to find so duplicating at home won’t happen. I did find Barq’s Red Creme Soda on Amazon but the price was a bit more than I would like to pay for some cola.

Fanta Orange Float: This was really good and my number 2 choice! Tastes like an orange push pop.

Colas from Around the World

Tray 1

Stoney Tangawizi. Tastes like Sprite, but a little sweeter.

Fanta Exotic Fruit Punch.  Sweet aftertaste like fruit punch

Bon Bon Anglais.  kind of like a vanilla Sprite

Sunfill Mint. This one we thought it would be good. You know like mint ice cream or something like that. Nope! It is more like mouthwash.

My husband’s reaction to the Mint Cola.

Minute Maid Joy Apple. Resembled watered down apple juice.

Fanta Apple Kiwi. Very yummy, with a little aftertaste.

Smart Watermelon. ok taste

Thums Up.  tastes like regular coke, with stronger aftertaste

The Beverly. Does this one even need a description, lol?!? Unlike most people though, I do like it. The Beverly resembles soda like cough syrup.

Aquarius Libre.  slightly carbonated, slight Sprite taste

Fuse Tea with Berries.

Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear. more pear than Apple which is fine by me since I like apples better, a little bitter

Lift Manzana. can’t describe but yummy

Inca Cola. same as  Club Cool at Epcot

Fanta Kolita. so good!

Delaware Punch. taste like tea and punch together. Very unique flavor. I pretty much enjoyed it.

The View

One of the best things about the beverage bar is the view. It is amazing!! I can’t wait until Planet Hollywood is done with their remodel because as of this time, it kind of messes up the view with all the construction. There are standing tables all along the edge of the patio.

Beverage Bar Tips

  • If you have done Club Cool, at Epcot the Combo platters are very similar. The Combo platter is great for someone who is not planning on going to Epcot or with a group of people to experiment together. If you just want a cool drink, skip this!
  • Get the floats! They are delicious. You can get a full size of any of the ones I listed above in the sampler. I know when I go back I am going to get the Barq’s Red Creme one.
  • Visit at night. I think the views would be awesome at night. Plus, the alcohol comes out in the late afternoon.
  • Skip the Peanuts. They charge $1 for a little pack of peanuts, like the small package you get on a plane. Not worth it at all! Get something salty elsewhere to contrast all the sugar you just drank.
  • Save the cards if you get a platter. The cards will make a nice item to add to your scrapbook.

Will you be trying out the Coca-Cola Beverage Bar at Disney Springs? What are you most excited to try?

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Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Thanks for describing everything so well, April! I can't wait to try all and read more of your blogs!

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Melanie Burbage

Thursday 1st of September 2016

Looks like you guys had fun sampling different flavors! Interesting flavor combo, never heard of half of them

Eileen Mendoza Loya

Thursday 1st of September 2016

I'd immediately have my fill of the coke float and root beer float! I've enjoyed these as a kid and I still enjoy them now. Fun fun experience. Thanks for sharing!

Adriana Lopez

Wednesday 31st of August 2016

Disney Springs has become one of those places that we ant to visit all the time. Being an Orlando resident it is easy for us. Glad you don;t need ot go to Epcot to get the Coca-Cola experience =)