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Review: Candy Sushi Culinary Workshop at Epcot

Some culinary workshops at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival can be a bit adult-orientated like the food & wine parings workshop but the Candy Sushi experience is fun for the whole family! This is the second year the Candy Sushi Culinary Workshop is offered and I am sure this fun hands-on experience will return next year.

What is the Candy Sushi Culinary Workshop?

The Candy Sushi Culinary Workshop is offered during Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival. In this workshop you learn how to make sushi, but with a fun sweet candy twist.

The first year this experience was complimentary but now comes with a $10/per person price tag. Advance reservations are highly recommended because it booked up really fast this year. I was able to do this experience because Nikki from Favorite Grampy Travels had a couple of cancellations from her party. I was so excited to try making this candy sushi.

Where is the Candy Sushi Experience?

The Candy Sushi Culinary demonstration is currently taking place at Sunshine Seasons. I expect that when the festival center is completed it will move there to allow for more people to take part in it.

Epcot’s Candy Sushi Culinary Workshop Review

The check-in process is super simple and the class is kept small. I think maybe about 20 guests where at the experience. Everything you need for the class is set at the table for you.

Though there are three recipe cards, during the class you will only make 2 of the sushi types. That leaves one more for you to try at home!

The instructors go with you step by step in making the candy sushi. In my class, we made the Dynamite Twix Roll and the Candy ForYa Roll. Though this is a simple class I had fun in the class as an adult so it is not just for kids.

Your hands will get sticky but they have wet wipes available for you. You are playing directly with fruit leather, M&Ms, gummy fish, and Rice Krispy treats.

Dynamite Twix Roll

I loved how they encouraged lots of creativity within each design. Sushi is an art form and that is the way they treated it.

You get to keep the recipe cards, the paper Chef Remy Hat, and of course your candy creations.

After the demonstration, they come around wrap your leftovers. So you can take them back to your resort room or home. If I did this again I would bring a plastic container from the Dollar Tree to put the leftovers in because I wouldn’t my candy sushi smushed at the bottom of my park bag.

Do I think it is worth the $10/per person? I think that is worthwhile to do for families and couples to do at least once. To save money in a larger family I would make the experience just for the kids, even though I really enjoyed it as an adult. It is not something I would probably repeat at the parks but would do my own versions at home. It would be a great activity for a Mulan family movie night, you just need to buy a few Bamboo Sushi Mats.

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Have you participated in making candy sushi at Epcot? If yes, let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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