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Gather, Create, Repeat at Aerie Lane

Disclosure: I received a complimentary class and compensation for sharing my Aerie Lane experience. All opinions are my own. 

I love making crafts and fun things for my home but hate having to do all the setup, clean up, and storage of supplies; which makes Aerie Lane in Safety Harbor the perfect place for me. 

All About Aerie Lane

At Aerie Lane their motto is “Gather, Create, Repeat” and after you step into their quaint location in Safety Harbor you’ll know why. At Aerie Lane you can choose from a large variety of projects priced between $28 and $140. They provide you with all the pieces, tools, directions and support to make your project a true piece of art for you or a friend. 

You can choose to set up a workshop with a group of 8-24  friends, family, or coworkers or sign up for one of their workshop times for a fun girl’s night by choosing a workshop. You’re welcome, even encouraged, to bring something fun to drink and food if you’d like. 

Shopping at Aerie Lane

While you’re at Aerie Lane take your time to look at all of their fun retail items, it’s a great place to pick up a gift for your best friend, mom, sister, or yourself. You’ll find a large variety of jewelry, candles, soaps, home items and many other treasures. While you’re shopping be sure to check out the displays, many of which are projects available to make at Aerie Lane.

Making Your Project at Aerie Lane

Of course, the best part is making your craft. I chose to make a Paris-themed tray. Upon arriving all that you need will be set up for you including all of the pieces to build your craft, your stencil, and any hardware that you’ll need to finish your project. Every table is set up with a variety of paintbrushes, gloves, and rags for stains.

You’ll have the chance to make your craft your own by choosing your paint colors for each part of the project. I chose a Nutmeg stain with Chikadee (a creamy ivory) and Metallic Gold for my lettering. 

The best part is the staff is there to assist you through the entire process and are extremely friendly and helpful no matter your level of expertise with being crafty. 

To complete my Paris themed tray I was directed through these steps:

  • Choose my paint and stain colors
  • Stain the wood using a brush and rag. Be sure to wear a glove for this so your hands don’t get stained too!
  • After the stain dried I carefully placed the stencil where I wanted it on my tray. 
  • Once the stencil was placed I put a layer of mod podge over the areas I was going to paint so that the paint would not run under the stencil. 
  • Once the mod podge was dry I painted two coats using the stencil
  • After the paint dried I removed the stencil, using a pair of fine tweezers to remove all the little pieces to show the full detail of the design. 
  • Finally I put a food-safe sealant on top 

Then came the really fun part, power tools! Using a cordless drill I added the handles on my tray and then done! I had my one-of-a-kind personalized Paris-themed tray. 

Showing off my beautiful new tray

The Cost of the Experience

Of course, for a DIY craft project anywhere there is a cost. If you want to make the tray that I did it costs $75. When I think of the cost and whether it is worth it I look at it in 3 ways. 

One, if you don’t enjoy crafting or doing DIY yes you could buy a tray for less, but it’s not likely to be personalized like this one. 

Two, if you enjoy doing crafts and DIY projects but don’t like the setup, clean up, and storage of supplies then this is the place for you. If you add up all the supplies needed, the set up and clean up time, and the fact that you would still have tools and supplies to store for another project the $75 is a good deal. 

Three, if you’re the type of person who does all your own DIY and has a closet, room, or garage full of supplies you’ll probably think twice about spending that on a project. 

But really the best part of Aerie Lane does not have a price tag, and that’s the time together with friends, family, or both creating laughter, memories, and a souvenir that you made to remind you of this time forever.

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